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15 Fabulous Medium Kitchen Pendants Lights


Boy have I been busy! Planning, packing some things, design planning, walk thru appointments and signing papers are just a few things I've been dealing with. Yesterday we had our first of two official last walk thru's be fore we get keys to our new McCaffrey home tomorrow! It feels like a dream. We have patiently waited 6 entire months for that day. It felt like we kept on running the race and the end was never getting near. Thankfully, the end is near and it seems too good to be true! Have you ever built a house and how did you feel? There are SO many mixed emotions. I might even cry. Cry out of happiness and relief. That house is where my family and I will make it into a home. I am so very thankful to God for making it possible. He orchestrated every detail. The neighbors, the lot, the people we worked with down to the finances. Now that all of that is behind us, it's time to start the moving in process, unpacking and start decorating! I'm already tired just thinking about it. I'll be living on a lot of coffee and probably 5 hour energy drinks.

During the walk thru yesterday I was checking out every detail. I will be sharing my tips on what to look for on a walk thru next week. I started designing rooms in my head. One of the top things on my list are the pendant lights hanging over my kitchen Island. 

Here is a photo of my little kitchen. I'll eventually be tearing out the back splash and replacing it with better tile. I might paint the cabinets white. I'll be adding new hardware to all of the cabinets too. I'm excited to make the house mine and my style. I went with a lot of builder grade things because I knew I'd be replacing them. Especially the lighting! I'm not sure why the electrician put the pendants lights so close together. If there are two you are supposed to space them out and three are a little closer together. I guess electricians don't think about interior design so they just install it however. I wish I would've known.  Yikes, they are kinda awkward. So, now I am left looking for some pendants lights to fit the space. Or I'll have to move them with swag hooks. That might actually work. They are also too far back into the island so YES, I just figured out my inexpensive solution even though it isn't ideal, it will work!

Here are 15 medium sized pendant lights that I found online. I am loving all of the glam and industrial lights that you can get too! 

Aren't they gorgeous? It's too hard to even pick between them. I'm leaning towards something sparkly. Which one would you pick? You can take a look at these and even more lighting at SHADES OF LIGHT. Click HERE

Friday Finds: Neutral Fall Home decor


It's Friday! That means I'm only 5 days away from closing escrow and getting the keys to my new home. I'm beyond anxious. It is has been 4 months since we sold our last home. This has been one of the craziest and emotionally trying times for me. Not because it was bad but because it was different. Sometimes God takes you out of your comfort zone to mold you, change you and show you that you need to completely trust Him. This was one of those times for me. I'll be sharing more of my journey of building a home really soon and sharing my finished HOME! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you will see all of my behind the scenes house pictures! I am so ready to have my own home and decorate again. I know that it will take some  time but I am ready to start tackling my to do list and set up my office. Today, I am on the road to Southern California with my husband for The Patriot Tour! We'll be hearing Marcus Luttrell and Taya Kyle speak at the Reagan Library. Then we are back in town tomorrow morning. I have so much to tackle  to get ready to move in. Saturday I will be painting my youngest daughter's twin bed for her new room. So be on the look out in the future for a makeover and paint tutorial. I will be buried in boxes taller than me. Trying to unpack and organize. My entire life was packed away in storage for 4 months! I can hardly even remember what I own after all this time so it will be interesting. Also, it will be a good time to donate a lot of things.

So for today, while I'm out of town spending time with just my husband before the storage storm hits, I'm sharing some neutral Fall decor! This past week I ordered the gray velvet curtains, 95 inches long for my daughters room and bought a drink dispenser just like that one! I'm planning on using that a lot! Next week I'll show you what else I've been shopping for! You can click on the links to get the items for yourself! {This post may contain affiliate and referral links. I may or may not be compensated when you click on the links below. You can check out my "about" page for my disclaimer policy HERE.}

I love metallics mixed with gray and doesn't that faux fur throw pillow look  so comfy? 

Stadium Style- How to Style your NFL Game Day Apparel

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Football season is officially here. Que the cheers! If you are anything like me, you have a family that are football fanatics. If there is a game going on, then there will be  a massive amount of cheering in the house. It's just a known fact. If you are married to a sports fanatic then you know what I'm talking about! Along with that comes tailgating, football parties and cheering in the stands. When your man takes you out to hang with the guys, you don't have to dress like one! 

When I think of NFL team clothing, I think of over sized jerseys and face paint. Don't you?
Now, there are so many more options for women when it comes to dressing cute for a football game. You don't have to go to a party or the stadium looking like you're wearing your man's clothes. You can be fashionable and support your team! It's not hard at all. You just have to think  outside of the box. 

Today I created a  not so typical game day outfit complete with a sparkly statement necklace and heels! Who says you can't mix fashion and football? You don't always have to pair your favorite comfy team t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. Add statement jewelry, a flowy skirt and heels or even a fur vest like I did! After getting all dolled up you will be ready for any NFL game and your man will be proud!

Let's break down my outfit...
I purchased a super comfortable Raiders tank top found on and it is called the . It also says to hurry because there are only a few left!  It is really soft and cute enough to wear lounging around the house or going out with friends.

I paired it with a...
 Chambray button up shirt
Fur vest
Gold Statement necklace
Black distressed jeans
Black strappy wedges
Rose gold watch
Gold  stud earrings
and a nude spaghetti strap shirt under my Raiders shirt.

My family and I are huge supporters of the Raider's Quarterback Derek Carr. He is from Fresno State which is in my home town and I went to school with his wife. Most importantly he's a Christian so he has my family's full support!

The NFL will be sharing a video starting the week of Sept 7 with tips on how to style apparel just like I did. You can follow @NFLFanStyle on any social media platform to stay up to date!  It's important to let your personality and style shine through your clothes .Remember that your smile at the game is the best accessory you could ever wear.

What is your favorite team? How do you style your game day t-shirt?

12 Home Decor Items You Didn't Know You Wanted

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I've been on the search, looking high and low for some affordable new home decor. Being the DIY gal that I am, I don't always have to do everything myself. Sometimes it's actually really nice to pay a few bucks and get something brand new, already made and ready to go. There isn't a mess to be made or work to be done. You throw it in your shopping cart / add it to your online shopping cart and take it home or wait for it to be delivered. Easy as that and it feels good too. DIY feels just as gratifying but when you want an instant new piece it's fun to look online while the kids are  sleeping. The only downside to that is that someone else may have it too but that's OK!

I love to wait for sales and even holiday sales to snatch up some new pieces from Target. I just ordered my toddler's gray velvet curtains which I will be sharing later so you can get them for yourself too because they are gorgeous! Target had those babies B1G1 40% off stacked with a $10 off coupon and free shipping. The total came out to be $45 for 2  velvet grommet curtains 95" long. That's a steal and the only way  I like to shop. My motto is that your home doesn't have to be expensive to make you happy! Now, Target is definitely not paying for me to share these things with you. I just want to show you that you can find stylish, gorgeous home decor even when you are on a budget.

Our homes are where we raise our children, make messes and create memories. Life isn't always easy and sometimes people struggle with paying their bills, putting food on the table or buying their babies diapers. I'm not naive to those things. Trust me, without God, my husband and I wouldn't be where we are today. We struggled at the beginning of our marriage almost 10 years ago with finances.We were living on EMT's pay and the grace of God while I was a stay at home mom. We lived pay to pay check to say the least. Even after all these years and God blessing us, my roots of trying to stay a float is what makes me frugal. I'm not cheap, don't get me wrong. I just love the thrill of the bargain hunt. I also, know when it is worth it to splurge a lot and splurge a little. My goal with this blog isn't to parade something that you can't afford right before your eyes. We are all in this together! I want to be able to share affordable home decor with you. Things that anyone could budget for and I'm proud  of  that. When it all comes down  to it, stuff is just stuff! It's not what's on the walls or what kind of lamps you have. It's the people living in those homes. Lives matter, not things. Love matters, not things.

Below, I'm sharing 12 of my affordable and  little splurge items you can shop  right here from my blog. {This post may contain affiliate and referral links. I may or may not be compensated when you click on the links below. You can check out my "about"page for my disclaimer policy HERE.}

These items are things I would personally add to my home and items that are on my "want" list for sure. I like to call it farmhouse chic.

Recent Drugstore Beauty Product Mini Haul


 There is something about getting new beauty products.  It doesn't even matter how much they cost. Whether it be a dollar or ten, it still magically gives you a boost of confidence. It rushes over you in waves of excitement as the possibilities of the items are actually  going to work magic and make us looks and feel more beautiful.  Most the time, little do we know that it is our inward beauty, attitude and confidence that makes us beautiful. Two weeks ago or so I decided to grab some new products at the drugstore. I must admit that it had been a very long time since I tried anything new. I was in a hurry because I needed to get ready for my DIY segment on the Central Valley Today Show, so this is what I ended up with as I rushed out the store. I'm going to break down each one and tell you about them today!

1. NYC BIG BOLD & PRECISE liquid eyeliner- the package says 2-in-1 felt tip. It claims that your eyeliner will turn out big and bold and precise. I chose the color black. I was really excited to try this product and for only a few bucks I knew it wouldn't hurt. I am a sucker for a good little cat eye. Think Lauren Conrad. I love minimal eye shadow and a great winged liner just like her. Its kinda my "thang." I've tried this product a few times. HUGE disappointment. While the precision is great, the color is so subtle even without eye shadow. It goes on with a barely there look and no matter how many times I go over it, it doesn't get more intense or darker, Its like a sheer gray. Sad face. Would I recommend this? No.

2. EOS LIP BALM in Vanilla + Mint- I love these lip balms and so do my girls. As a matter of fact, if they find one, they take off with it and lose it. Even if I bought it that day! I think kids in general love these because it is like playing with a ball. I did love the flavor but personally  I love the sweet mint by itself and not swirled. Would  I buy it again?  YES! Would I recommend this? YES!

3. SENSATIONAL FUSE GEL NAIL POLISH- They had me at no base coat and no top coat. It  is an all in one gel polish that you use an LED light with to cure. It minimizes the steps. Just two coats of this under the light and you are done. Sadly, after a day it chipped and so I ended up trying it with a base coat and top coat and it lasted 6 days before it chipped. Its great to use when you are in a hurry! Would I buy other color? Yes. Would I recommend? Maybe if you need some gel nails stat.

4. MAYBELLINE BROW DRAMA- This is sculpting brow mascara. Let me say this, it does not fill in your brows but rather keeps them in place while adding a little color. so if you have spots that need to be filled in, this won't help.I fill in my brows first, then use this product to help them stay in place all day. I'm still on the look out for an amazing brow kit from the drug store.

So there you have it! 4 new products that I tried. Have you tried any of them? What are your go to drug store faves? I have 2 more beauty products that I am dying to get my hands on and I'll share those too!

Toddler Restoration Hardware Inspired Bedroom

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Today I want to share my  2 year old daughter's Restoration Hardware inspired bedroom for the new house. Well I mean the design board that I created. I will be so happy when we move in  completely, finally get settled and I can attack that house with decor. I seriously lay in bed at night thinking of all the possibilities and how I want to decorate.Coming up with a "vision"and actually executing that vision correctly are two different things. I created this design board for goals, colors and the overall look that I am going for. Yes she is only two and you are probably thinking that this is over the top. There's no such thing as over the top in my book! Just fancy!

Belle's RH inspired bedroom

At the beginning of this year I received my very first Restoration Hardware catalogs.I would be lying if I said that I wasn't as excited as Christmas morning. I flipped through them quickly and my eyes grew bigger. Why hadn't I ordered these sooner? I then grabbed the children's catalog and my eyes grew even bigger! Holy moly these kids' rooms are stunning.Sophistication, glamour, old world charm, elegance and comforts is how I would describe them and that is exactly everything that I want for my precious baby girl. I want to create a room that she can grow with. You can spend a small fortune on creating a bedroom for your child decked out with their favorite "right now" character only  for them to come to you months later and tell you that Cinderella isn't cool anymore and now they want a Frozen bedroom. Kids change their characters like they change their mind  on what foods they love. It almost daily unless you hit a streak of obsession. For instance, my toddler has an on going obsession with Peppa Pig! My oldest daughter loves Shopkins and my son loves Jurassic Park, Legos guys and army stuff. By the end of the year this love of characters will be gone and they will be on to the next hottest thing. That is why that doing a beautiful non themed bedroom for your child is worth the investment. It doesn't have to be neutral  colors and boring. It can still be bright and fun if that is the look that you want. Kids' rooms can be amazing and fun without characters.

What little girl wouldn't want a room fit for a  princess? Now don't get me wrong, there  will be toys, and other fun stuff in her room. I have some fun things planned and with time I'll be sharing each project with you.

Now let's break down my plans!

BED- I found a gorgeous detailed headboard on the side of the road that is in excellent condition. I will be painting that a cream color. One of my sweet friends miraculously had the matching foot board!! She didn't want it and gave it to me, so now my daughter has a complete bed! What are the odds of that?! Random roadside trash finds its match!

BEDDING- I found a blush pink comforter from Target. I also found a beautiful blush pink quilt at Stein Mart with a matching Euro sham and will be adding some gray pillows and a cute bed skirt.

CURTAINS- Gray velvet from floor to ceiling. I want them  to look luxurious and also block out light for nap time during the day.

RUG- cream shag or fur rug.

DRESSER- I will be re painting the dresser that she already had. I want it to have an old wood look and I'll be changing out the knobs too from D.Lawless Hardware.

CANOPY- I REALLY want to purchase or DIY the RH crown canopy

MIRROR- I'm going to  re paint the cute mirror that she has with an old worn look.

WALL ART- One thing that I want to DIY is a big distressed sign with a quote or scripture.

FOR FUN- I'm still  figuring toy storage and I'm reupholstering an antique rocking chair for reading.There will also be other fun stuff too. I just need to move all of the furniture into the room first and then I can decide what else will fit!

Have you recently decorated your toddler's bedroom? What colors did you use? My toddler LOVES the color pink! I didn't want it to be pink everything so I did it in an elegant way and most importantly with pink bedding!

What creative toy storage solutions have you used or created? I'd love to hear!

Choosing the Right Couch for My Family & How to Choose Yours


For the past  few months I have been searching high and low for a new couch for my new living room. I've realized that I have VERY high standards when purchasing a main piece of furniture for my home. I also believe that it's OK to be picky! You are spending a lot of money and a couch is something your family is going to use everyday. I also won't be getting another couch for a long time, so this time  I do not want to settle for something that I'm not in love with.

I checked out a few places around my town and found two couches that I LOVE in two different stores. Lets talk about each one shall we because TODAY I am officially purchasing one and at this moment I still do not know which one I will get and it's making me go crazy. 

My new  home will close escrow September 23rd! I haven't seen the interior of my home completed yet so this couch dilemma is serious. I can only envision what it will look like with the colors that I chose. I just hope that I don't chose the wrong couch for the space because I'm going 100% off of a guess and my heart here.

So let's get to chatting about these couches! If you really know me,then you know that I love to analyze furniture. The materials, the curves, the stability to colors. Finding a quality piece is important. Is there such things as Furniture Anonymous? I really love the design of furniture!

TOP COUCH in the photo above: I love the stylish legs. I love the linen looking material and color. I love the double nail head trim on the arms and back behind the back cushions. This couch also has a modern feel to the look of the cushions. To me they are more streamlined than big and puffy. Obviously my two year old daughter approves of this one. She's become quite the little furniture shopper. This couch would have to withstand family movie nights at my home because they are a must for us! This couch is also  completely customizable. I can choose the color and material of the entire couch and pillows.So if I wanted to make this one into a gray velvet couch, I could!

MIDDLE COUCH: I love that it's gray velvet and will hide dirt! I don't love the pillows and would change those out. I'm afraid that it would make my space feel smaller because it is darker... My least favorite but it's still pretty!

BOTTOM COUCH in the photo above: I've gotten a lot of people  rooting for this one on my instagram . Everyone loves that it has a chaise. I love that my kids can lay there and watch a movie with their feet out and a big blanket. I won't be using the yellow pillows that come with it. I'd be swapping them out for some new ones. My husband could even lay there and watch sports if I let him. Only kidding, he's buying me the dang thing! God love him. I love the nail heads on this one and the big pillows. I love that it looks inviting and like we can hang out on it. I also, wouldn't be getting the ottoman. I'll be putting a coffee table there instead and I'll be using my gray rug with it. This sectional is actually a more tan color. 

Things I'm considering when buying a couch:

1. Does it fit my space?
2. Can my kids lay on it without me being worried all of the time?
3. Can we eat Popcorn on it? Movie night, duh!
4. Can my family of 5 fit comfortably?
5. Does it fit my style?
6. Does it fit the style of the home?
7. Does it flow in my color scheme?
8. Is it sturdy?
9. Is it well made?
10. Will the color show every spec of dirt?
11. Can we really use it and live on it without it looking frumpy fast?
12. Do I love it?
13. Can I live without it?
14. Is is squishy and comfortable?
15. Can I imagine myself watching a movie cuddled up on it?
16. Will it fit my family even as the children grow?
17. Can guests sit comfortably too?

Wow, that is a lot of things that I'm considering! That's why I said I'm being really picky. I want the feeling of THATS THE ONE! One that I am in love with and would regret not buying or walking away from. Kind of like a wedding dress. Call me crazy but it's that important! It really needs to fit my family's needs.

Now, Here are my tips for things to do when shopping for a new couch...

Go to as many furniture stores that you can.A lot of the time they carry the same furniture at different prices. Find the one with the lowest price.

Take pictures of all of the couches that you are in love with and take pictures of the price tags.If you see another at a store, show the sales guy and tell them that you can get that similar  couch for less somewhere else and see if they will beat that price.

Get the name of the brand of the couch and google it. Look up reviews and the quality. Look at pictures of it in people homes on google. You don't want to purchase one and all the reviews say that it breaks down fast.

Sit on the couch! It can look gorgeous but feel like a rock! 

Do your research! Compare prices and get reviews.

Make sure it fits your families needs, your checklist,and your budget.

Pay cash if you can. If you finance you will end up paying more.

You can catch furniture on sale. Especially during Labor day weekend!

If your children cannot enjoy it, then it isn't the couch for your family. A home is meant to be lived in. Not a museum. A place to create memories and my new couch is something I want to create memories on. From cuddles to kisses, rocking my toddler to sleep or comforting them when they are sick while watching cartoons. This couch has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to my family. That is the real reason why I am so picky.

I'll update you guys on the one that I did choose! As you can tell, my decision is a tough one!

 Which couch would you choose, top of bottom? How did you choose your couch? Have you survived a light colored couch with children? 

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