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12 Realistic Ways to be a Better Mom

The other day I found myself literally googling "How to connect with 10 year old son." You see, we're in a transition here at my house. My son is in the 4th grade and I feel like he is transitioning into bigger kid stuff. You know like on the brink of tween. I honestly can't even believe that we are approaching the teenager stage in a couple years. It blows my mind and I'm simply not ready for that.

DIY Flamingo + Pineapple Picnic Party // Picnic Blanket Tutorial

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Having sensitive skin shouldn't keep you from having fun!

Family quality time and being active outdoors is so important to my family. It's fun to unplug and go hang out outside when we aren't running from soccer to football practice or the weather isn't scorching hot. With allergies and sensitive skin in the family we have to worry about itchy grass and the air quality. Living in the Central Valley of California we even have allergy forecasts in the news. Seriously, itchy eyes and runny noses are no joke around here. Not only do I have to worry about all of those things but I have SO much laundry to do from various sports during the week along with school clothes. I think that any mom can attest to that. It. is. never. ending.

My daughter, husband and son suffer from allergies and itchy skin and my son's asthma is triggered by allergies. That is why it is so important for me to take the extra step with my never ending laundry so that my family is free to be themselves without the worry of allergies or itchy sensitive skin. As for myself, I have sensitive skin to any kind of perfumes or dyes. It makes my face and skin break out so I try to find products that have less ingredients and no fragrance. I've even talked about it on one of my skin care posts and I'm always looking for new "fragrance free" products to try.

Shopkins S'mores

Recently, I've been experimenting a lot with s'mores. Creating them with different combinations of cookies, candy and syrups has been really fun for me. Last week, I came across some Shopkins cookies at Ross and immediately placed them in my shopping cart. At my house, Shopkins is one of the hottest toys that we collect, as with any little girl in America! Seriously, they fly off the shelves as every new season is released. I have to admit, they really are fun to look for and collect even as an adult. Especially when I find one that my daughter has been searching for! So, after finding the cookies during my back to school shopping, I knew I wanted to do something fun with them so I came up with Shopkins S'mores!

Home Decor Haul + Life Lately

School starts on Monday for my kids and I'm trying to get everything in order. I'm probably not the only one going crazy trying to get everything done days before! I've been going through old clothes and making a pile for donations. So, as you can imagine their rooms are a mess right now! I love to go through their clothes right before school starts, get rid of anything that doesn't fit or has holes and then nicely organize what is left so that I'm able to put away the new clothes and be able to find them. Isn't it crazy that the mess has to get way worse before it gets better? That's definitely where I'm at.

It's hard to be able to find the time to continuously work on a space when I'm being pulled in different directions. My son and daughter have had sports every night of the week this summer. Seriously, sports took over our lives. Thankfully we are down to 4 days a week of sport instead of 6 starting this week. Yippee!

While my husband was away fighting a huge California wild fire, I had some fun finding some new home décor. It's the way that I deal with stress... not the shopping part but decorating. It takes my mind off of things and I get to be creative. I guess that's why I'm always shifting wall décor and pillows around the house. Call me crazy but it's so fun for me. So, the past few weeks I've added some new things to my home and switched some wall décor from room to room. I keep adding and taking away things and will continue to do so until it feels just right!

So let's talk about my home décor finds!
Fixer Upper style vase from World Market. I added some cherry blossoms and fell in love with the simple beauty.

Family Movie Night Party + Angry Birds Puppy Chow

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Family movie night is HUGE at my house. Spending quality time together as a family is one of the most important and impactful things that you can do with your kids. By spending time with them while they are young you are creating a close lifelong relationship and fun memories  too. When you watch a certain movie, does it bring back memories of your childhood for you? I want that for my kids. I want them to remember that my husband and I place an importance on communicating and spending time together because in the end we will feel like we didn't get enough.