The reason why I'm quitting being a perfect home decor blogger.

Last night after scrolling Instagram for a short chunk of time, I thought, "You know what? I'm done! I'm tired of trying to look perfect." That's when it hit me. Why am I trying to be like everyone else? We all know that bloggers throw the pile of laundry off to the side just to get the "perfect" shot then edit it and add few filters to make it look better. Not everyone tells the whole truth and I was just flat out D.O.N.E with that life. Trying to have pretty pictures and a pretty home 24/7 will steal the creativity and fun out of your entire life. #SoDone. It left me uninspired, tired, emotional, and burnt out. I could write a book about the secret life of home decor bloggers. No lie. 

Let me start out by saying that if you haven't already noticed, things are changing around here. I'm transforming Vintage Romance Style into BLOOM+BURGEON  as a way to escape the perfectionism that comes with being a DIY and home décor blogger. Life isn't perfect so why do we put up a façade that we are? BLOOM+BURGEON will be a community where we can ALL come together with our imperfections and lift one another up. A place for us to BLOOM and BURGEON (flourish and thrive) right where God has planted us for now even if the soil seems like it sucks. Since this is a place for honesty, my soil is looking a little dry to the world but to God I know he is working it into something amazing where I can flourish. Cuz' hunny right now I don't feel like I'm flourishing at all. 

I also felt like VRS was putting me inside a box and I just didn't want to be in that box anymore. I want to be able to share my struggles and victories and with being confined to just home décor and projects I felt like it was out of place. There are so many of us who struggle with health and emotional issues and I want to talk about it! Everything has a reason and a season. It also takes time to find where God wants you planted and then it takes time to bloom and thrive. 

This is also going to be a place where I can be myself and find others that suffer from invisible issues. There are also stigmas that come with those issues and I want to help break those. Now do I accept everyone's medical diagnosis? NO WAY! God is bigger than any diagnosis so I will be believing for your healing too. Also, God doesn't make people sick. Satan knows who is powerful and he'll do anything to stop their destiny. We are warriors and WE WILL FIGHT!

As things unroll with me, I will share more, but for now let's get this community going! It doesn't matter if you are "sick" or not! We are here to support one another in all situations so that we are able to grow and thrive. 

Don't forget that God is so good and that you can find me on INSTAGRAM HERE so we can chat! Use the hashtags #SayNoToPerfect and #BLOOMandBURGEON 


New House + Fixer Upper Glam Kitchen Plans

We are in full packing mode over here and it is bittersweet! If I'm being honest, it is going to be really hard to drive away from this house that I designed and has brand new everything and move into an older home which needs updating. Yes, it will be super fun to start fresh with design but so much work! We're talking redoing floors, backsplash, paint, bathrooms, removing wallpaper, changing out lighting, cleaning up the yard and the list go on! So, while I pack up my already nice and beautiful new house, I'll be dreaming of transforming my next bigger house into my home! We decided to put our home up for sale and purchase a bigger home with a bigger yard and pool which is almost a necessity in the Central Valley. Our new home will have room for the kids to grow into teenagers and bring their friends over to swim. Oh and did I mention , I'll have a craft room!!! Praise Jesus! I've waited years for one. 

So, Let's talk about the kitchen plans! The fixer upper kitchen. The bones of the kitchen are great.

#1-It already has white cabinets which are a huge plus so I'll just have to touch those up.

#2- I'll be adding 2 pendant lights over the island and will need to hire an electrician to prewire where I want them to go. I'm planning on using THESE!  Because gold + crystals = gorgeous.

#3- Door pulls will be brass and you can find them from DLawless Hardware

#4- Rustic Antique English cup pulls from DLawless Hardware

#5- Can we just get a moment of silence for this girly farmhouse sink? I won't settle for anything else! I'm in LOVE! You can find it HERE.

#6- I want my faucet to be a pretty accessory like earrings for the kitchen! Find my gold dream faucet HERE

#7&8- The dream plans are to rip out the existing backsplash and replace it with that gorgeous gold marble subway tile and add an accent rectangle above the stove of the gold marble herringbone framed out. Check out the Herringbone HERE and the subway HERE.

#9- Currently the kitchen has reddish brown builder grade tile. I want to rip those babies out and replace them with THIS pretty NuCore flooring!

There is SO much work ahead but I am super excited to get started when we close escrow in a few weeks!

So, what is one of your dream kitchen items? I'd love to hear!


Modern Glam Master Bedroom Reveal // New Year New Room Refresh

It is finally reveal week of the New Year New Room Refresh hosted by Stephanie at Casa Watkins Living! Praise Jesus. Hallelujah. The past few weeks have been crazy for me. My kids had the flu, I didn't feel well either and we sold our house! Things got so crazy that I even had to go MIA for a while but now I am back to feeling a little better and my children are healed.

When I first started this room refresh my home was for sale so I couldn't do anything major or else I'd be leaving it behind. There are lots of things I am going to miss about this house but I am even more excited for my next home. It is in a really great neighborhood, large lots, has a pool for the crazy hot Central Valley summers and it is bigger than my current home so we have room for growing kids that will be teenagers in no time and their friends. God really opened an amazing door for my family to be in one of our dream neighborhoods. I'll even get my own mailbox! Sounds silly but I'm excited that I don't have to use my key at the community mailbox in my current neighborhood to grab my mail which is down the street.

This refresh allowed me to simplify my master bedroom for staging my home to sale. Especially for showings and open houses which is super important. In another post I will break down how I staged my home to sell.

Now let me warn you, my refresh truly is SO simple but I've never been so relaxed in my master bedroom. The clutter is cleared and there isn't much in there.



- Cleared out all of the clutter.
- Added 2 DIY basket pendant lights.
- Added neutral throw pillows
-New rug
-New chair ( I actually have a funny story about that!)
-New Side table
-New faux and fresh plants
-New curtains
-New blinds because I didn't have any! I'll be doing another post on those.

Curtains are from AMAZON . They are 52x108.
Rug is from RUSGUSA 6x9
Charcoal 3-way Nailhead Recliner from LAMPSPLUS
Whitewash Accent Table from LAMPSPLUS
Brick Wallpaper is from Wallpaper Boulevard
Ceiling Fan Chandelier from LAMPSPLUS

You can find my Ceiling Fan Tutorial HERE

I would like to thank all of my fabulous sponsors! Without them I couldn't have made my home ready to sell.

Now you can head on over to all of the other room refreshed! Who's do you like best?