Peppermint Sugar Crusted Sugar Cookie Cups + DIY Present Tag

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Every Christmas, my oldest  daughter and I bake cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa. It's our special tradition that we enjoy doing together and bonding over. Now as my youngest daughter is getting a little older, we're talking just about three years old, she is very interested in cooking and helping (with my help of course.) This year will be really fun when it comes to baking and gift giving because both of my girls will get to help. A few days ago, we decided to get the Christmas baking started and what better reason to bake than to bake to give! We thought my peppermint sugar cookie cups with a sprinkle crusted bottom would be the perfect way to brighten someone's day, especially a friend or even a neighbor. To top it off I came up with a cute way to package it up with a DIY Santa belt tag!

Now let's get the baking started and start sharing the love!


// For cookies //
1 package of  sugar cookie mix
1 egg
1 stick of butter softened
1 tablespoon water

// For Royal icing //
Powdered sugar

// extra goodies //
crushed candy canes or peppermint chocolate chunks
red sprinkles

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix together sugar cookie mix, egg, stick of butter and tablespoon of water together until a dough forms.

2. Place dough in a mini muffin pan just like so and bake for 12-14 minutes
3. Let completely cool.

5. Mix together a about half a cup of powdered sugar and add in a little milk and vanilla until it is a thick consistency but smooth enough to drizzle.
 6.Once cookie cups are completely cooled, pop them out and place them on a plate. Now drizzle the royal icing on top, sprinkle crushed peppermint or peppermint chocolate chunks and then drizzle again. Now let the royal icing harden completely.

7. Grab a little bowl of water and a bowl of red sprinkles. Drip the bottom of the cookie cup in the water then dip the bottoms in the sprinkle bowl . Place back on the platter to dry.

Once dry, you are ready to package them up to give!

I headed to my local  Walmart to find something cute to put these in. I strolled along the Christmas section because I love it, and found this aisle...

Those Rubbermaid TakeAlongs were perfect for what I was wanting to do and they were in festive colors. Even better! They had a bunch of different sizes which are great for whatever you are planning on cooking or baking and even leftovers! I grabbed the deep squares and deep rectangles for my sugar cookie cups.

What I love about these is that they are dishwasher, microwave safe and you can even freeze them! They also come in different shapes and sizes including a deviled egg tray. The festive ones come in red and green and some even have cute prints on them. These are great to take to parties because it's OK to leave them with the host! You  can even resuse them to package up lunches on the go, or if you're like me, send food to the Fire Station with your husband. They are have a great sealing lid that prevents spills too. I wouldn't want the goodies or food getting on my husbands turnouts!

Now that you have your Rubbermaid TakeAlongs, and your cookies, let's get them ready to give!

What you'll need:
1 sheet of red glitter cardstock
1 sheet of black velvet paper or piece of velvet fabric
Glue gun
Hole punch
Tag punch
chalkboard tag from craft store
chalk pen

1. Punch out a red glitter cardstock tag with the tag punch

2. Cut a piece of black velvet paper or fabric

3. Hot glue the velvet on then glue your rhinestones on to make the belt buckle.
4. Hole punch and it's done!

-Take your chalkboard tag and with a chalk pen, Write Share & take along the love!

Now my daughter is ready to hand out her homemade cookies and share the love! We are blessed to be a blessing! It is so important that we teach our children to be givers and doers!

Be sure to check out Ibotta to grab your $1 off any two Rubbermaid TakeAlongs exclusive to Walmart shoppers! 

What will you  be baking and taking this Christmas? I'd love to hear! You can check out some more Rubbermaid ideas HERE!

2 Gift Giving Ideas for the Less Fortunate during Christmas

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and GODIVA, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia ##GiveGODIVA


Every year, my little family and I always choose to bless someone else during Christmas. Whether it be big or small we were blessed to be a blessing to others. That is my mission and I stand by it. Most years, we chose to select a Christmas Tree Star child where you choose a hanging star on the tree at the mall or like us at church. On the star it says the child's name, age, clothing sizes and the one thing they really wish they could have for Christmas. Whatever star you choose, you buy them exactly what they wanted and an article of clothing. It simply breaks my heart into pieces when I actually sit down and think that the gifts that I give to that child are the only things they will be getting for Christmas. Then I look over at my own tree  overflowing with gifts underneath and sigh with a heavy heart. I wish I could buy every child everything their heart desires just to see a smile on their face. I also, can't imagine the heartbreak as a mother knowing that I couldn't provide those gifts for my children. So, with my giving forward Christmas initiative, I'm sharing with you two of my gift giving ideas for the less fortunate that include chocolate!

Now your asking why am I talking about chocolate?  It is such a versatile gift that can be given to anyone. It also sparks so much within our hearts. Chocolate is really more than just something sweet. There are also unique ways to give it. That's why I'm here to share the ideas of blessing someone else with some GODIVA!

Since, Thanksgiving ended a few days ago, Christmas is in full effect. Like full on halls decked effect. The days will fly by and Christmas Eve will be here before we know it. That's why I'm starting early with my Christmas giving initiative so I can have more time to give to more people. As I was roaming the aisles of Walmart, looking at all of the decor, candy, gifts and candles that I don't need, I came across a box of GODIVA assorted  chocolates. I quickly placed them into my shopping cart. Seeing that gorgeous box inspired me. I immediately thought of two kinds of gifts to create and I couldn't wait to get home to get started.

// Gift idea #1... Single struggling Mother gift basket //

I rounded up a few festive home decor items, a handmade calligraphy coffee mug (tutorial coming next week) and coffee. Let me break down what is included.
-A fresh Rosemary plant to cook with
-A plaid deer pillow
-A box of GODIVA assorted chocolates from Walmart
-A cute wire basket
-A jar of sugar
-A jar of fresh coffee beans
-2 Christmas place mats

I chose these items because they are for her. She will be trying her hardest to supply what her children need and will neglect to buy things for herself. She will be able to drink some coffee in her new handmade with love cup while eating her chocolate. The handmade cup with remind her that there are good people in the world that do care about her. Chocolate also makes us feel happy and she'll be able to share them with her children. Coffee and GODIVA chocolates are my two favorite things together!

// Gift idea #2 ... Homeless woman gift idea //

Recently I read an idea of filling a purse filled with necessities and having it readily available to give to any homeless woman you drove by. I absolutely LOVED the idea. So for my second gift giving idea, I filled an older purse of mine that was in like new condition. Here is a list of what I included...
-A beanie
-A pair of warm gloves
-A scarf
-A box of GODIVA chocolates for a treat from Walmart
-Women's necessities
-A small bottle of shampoo & conditioner
-Small body spray
-Warm socks

Now I will keep my purse available for when I see someone that tugs on my heart to give it to. The world needs more  acts of kindness to outweigh all that is going on. It starts with one person and that one person can be YOU.

Can you imagine how much you could brighten up someone's day with a little bit of chocolate and a whole lot of thoughtfulness and love? That is what Christmas and life is all about!

Visit Walmart this holiday season for GODIVA Chocolate Gift Boxes. Available in three 9PC varieties and also a 15PC Dark All-of-a-Kind. (while supplies last)

You can find more of GODIVA on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Creamy Vegetarian Rosemary Garlic Mushroom Rice Soup

It's starting to get really chilly where I live and I started thinking that I needed to round up some new soup recipes to help warm my family up and that are easy to make. Two days ago my daughter came down with a 24 hour stomach bug so I thought what better time to make some new soup in my new kitchen!

While browsing good 'ol Pinterest, I came across this recipe from Wine & Glue. It sounded so yummy and I had everything that it called for. I adapted my own recipe from her's and it came out great. As I have been in full on Christmas decorating mode, I made this soup with ease as I carried in boxes and tended to my sick girl. In all honesty she didn't even eat any because she was so sick, and my husband hates mushrooms. Like HATES. So it was up to my toddler and I to eat it, which was fine by me. All for me, none for you. (giggles)
I will say that my toddler couldn't get enough of it which made my mushroom loving self very happy. I've been trying to convince my kids for years that they should be team mushroom since I'm the only one that loves them. 
One time, while on a date with my husband at a local Japanese Tepan Yaki Steakhouse, I placed a mushroom on my fork and turned to him. I said here taste this. Without looking he took a bite, then realized it was a mushroom and spit it out. Ever since then he doesn't trust me with mushrooms. It's quite funny! He even brought this story up to me last night. Traumatized much? 

//Creamy Vegetarian Rosemary Garlic Mushroom Rice Soup//
1- 16oz package baby bella mushrooms (that's portebella in mushroom lingo) OR any kind you like
3 cloves garlic cut up
1/3  half yellow onion diced
5 TBSPs butter
4 TBSPs flour
2 cups milk. Mine was 2%
3 cups chicken broth. (I used 2  Knorrs bouillon cubes which makes 4 cups broth)
2 cups instant brown rice
Fresh Rosemary
Garlic Salt
Garlic Powder

1. In a large pot place 2 TBSP butter, cut up garlic, mushrooms and diced onion & rosemary. Saute until done.
2. During that time place your instant brown rice in the microwave until done. Follow the package.
3. Pour the the buttery mushroom mix into a bowl.
4. Now drain the butter from that bowl back into the pot.
5. Add the rest of the butter about 3 TBSP and turn on low
6. Whisk in 4 TBSP flour to make a paste.
7. Slowly whisk in milk.
8 Then chick broth.
9. Add garlic salt, pepper, garlic powder and more rosemary to taste.
10. Add in the mushroom mix and rice to pot.
11. Let simmer for 20 minutes.
12. Serve hot with fresh rosemary sprinkled on top.

I even had enough for left overs and enjoyed them today! I will say that the more rice you add in, the thicker the soup will be. Over time the rice will soak up the broth. If you are wanting leftovers add more broth. My soup kinda became more  like a casserole over 2 days.


Grilled Watermelon Feta Salad

My biscuit recipe

Country Corn Casserole

Let's Celebrate with an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday! I'm getting ready to meet up with some sweet friends of mine for coffee. It's so important to make time for friends even when you don't have time. It feels like I barely have time to breathe sometimes but I force myself to say yes to coffee every once in a while. It's always good to catch up, talk to another adult (because us SAHMs know what it's like to talk in baby talk for days on end) and have some girl time. Also, who can say no to some coffee on a cold fall morning?

Friends can keep us from going crazy during this busy life. They make us stop and connect even if we want to stay at home in our sweats and clean with the music blaring. Relationships are important and honoring those relationships and friends are just as important.

So, today, I'm announcing a GIVEAWAY in honor of my blogging friend  from Amidst the Chaos! I've teamed up with other gorgeous blogger babes to celebrate Christine's birthday which is in three days!

See I told you they are gorgeous!

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Contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and will run until November 25th, 2015. Winner will be contacted via email to claim prize

So enter below and start connecting with some amazing bloggers! This giveaway comes just in time for Christmas shopping. I definitely could use an Amazon gift card. There are so many things that I'd buy!

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

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Full Letter from Santa that your kids will love // 2 Free Printables

Ho Ho Ho! Santa will be coming to town soon. He's making his list and checking it twice. Gonna find out if you've been naughty or nice! If you are like me, I get really into being Santa! Especially with  the elf on the shelf tradition around here. I go full out with leaving little things from Santa as Christmas creeps closer. One of my favorite things to do is write letters. From the Elf  Express of course! Not every parent has time to create Santa letters,  so I thought I'd share one of mine with you today. Here are 2 free printables to make your life and Christmas a little easier. 

My original plan was to print these out and create a Pinterest perfect photo making the letter look amazing in a magical Christmas atmosphere... but, reality set in and I ran out of ink. Who has time for all of that Pinterest fantasy anyways? I'm just being real here to day! I created two free printables. First up is the Letter Head. Print this out and write whatever you want to write. Download as a PDF. This gives you the creative ability to say whatever you want and use your creativity. Obviously, in your  Santa Letter Header print, my watermark will not be there. Download yours HERE.

Now, here is the full letter. You will need to download yours to read the full 2 page letter that I created. This one makes your life easier and your kids will  love it! Add in your own fancy writing all the children's names and sign the bottom with your own fancy Santa signature to make it feel authentic! Download your full 2 page Santa letter HERE

Have fun creating Christmas memories with your kids and I hope you are able to include my Santa letter! If you do, don't forget to tag me! #VintageRomanceStyle I'd love to feature you!

Let's talk about PLAID

Thanksgiving & Christmas are fast approaching and stores are stocking shelves and mannequins with all things PLAID.

It is super on trend this winter season. From home decor, to clothing and accessories, you can find the plaid print just about anywhere. Even couches are being doused in these prints. My friend Andrea from Andrea Nicole Blogs sent me a photo from a well known catalog and they included black & white plaid  couches and chairs. She has even decided to incorporate plaid into her Christmas decor this year and I can't wait to see it. Look at this FREE printable that she created for her blog... get yours HERE!

Today, I decided to round up some of my plaid finds for you all under $50 inspired by my shopping trips to Target and Walmart lately. I even included plus size, maternity and kids to fit everyone's needs. Don't forget to click through to the second page of the round up by clicking the little side arrow. *Note that these shoppable links may include affiliate links*
My personal favorites are the Pier 1 pillows and that Mark & Graham pillow is adorable!

The Ultimate Gift Guide // For Her

Are you ready for some Christmas Shopping!? It's never to early to start checking people off of your list before the huge crowd hits and the shelves are gone. Better yet, how about a shop-able gift guide for just about everyone on your list and you don't even have to leave the house! 

I've teamed up with 30 bloggers + 60 gift guides so you can conveniently shop while sipping your coffee in your pajamas with a candle lit and be done with your Christmas list early! Each blogger selected a themed guide and included links to all of their favorite items.

Oh, and did I mention that there is over $4,000 in giveaways? So you can win a ton of gifts just buy hopping around our gift guides and tackling your lists! It's a win, win! Each blogger is individually hosting a giveaway just like me!

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite items "For Her." This is a great opportunity to show your man what you want and all he has to do is click the links. Easy as pie and you can get what you want!

I'm a glam & girly type of gal. I love comfy clothes, cute boots, sparkly jewelry, an inspiring book and all things gadgets. I compiled this list for us ladies that are go-getters and want to chase our dreams while looking cute with the essentials in tow. 

Don't forget to enter my giveaway at the end of this post and shop by clicking on any of the pictures or links! Just a quick note that some of these contain affiliate links!


Can we just talk about these items for a second? Especially that Kate Spade watch, Steve Madden boots, the Ralph Lauren Romance perfume, the Polaroid camera and Michael Kors crossbody. Ok, who am I kidding, I really do want everything in this SPLURGE section. These items range from $17 to under $300. This list is for the special someone or yourself that you will treat to one lavish gift. I personally always buy my husband one expensive gift and then other smaller gifts. I also try to top myself every year. We'll see what I come up with this time.
 I love gold watches. I especially LOVE the chain band. Just my style. Check out this Kate Spade watch .

One of my favorite perfumes of ALL time.This brings back so many memories. This is 100% on my list this year! Get your Ralph Lauren Romance perfume here

Need it, want it and WANT it. I love roman numerals and this  Personalized Romance Numeral Necklace is amazing. There is something so special about personalized jewelry and this is totally not the cheesy kind.

 Can you believe this price? Amazon FIRE 49.99 Lay in bed, drink coffee while  scrolling around on this baby. It's affordable too. That's the best part.

 Now,this needs to come home to me like now. It will go with any outfit. Perfect for date night when you just need to carry your phone and some lipstick. Michale Kors Jet Set Travel Crossbody

 This Fuji Film Polaroid camera has been on my wish list for over a year now. It's adorable and gives you instant printed pictures. Something we don't do very often these days. It's a great way to create memories.

STEAL under $25 //

These gifts are budget friendly and do not lack in the style department. You can get more band for your buck and give a fabulous gift. I. WANT. EVERYTHING. I hope Santa is reading this because I've been good this year!

 Stop it! $3.61 + free shipping? You can get one for each of your friends!
Urparcel Crystal Flower Pendant Statement Bib Chunky Charm Choker Necklace Silver

I had to had this to the list because I'm obsessed with candles. Eco Soy Vanilla Candle

This is for all of my fellow blogging & business girls.Get your #GirlBoss book ! I'm currently reading it and it makes me want to conquer the business and blogging world.

 I came across this one too. Adding it to my book list. I'm ready to dig deeper and rock social media! Get Leave your Mark!

Need I say more? Raglan tee that is perfect for lounging around the house or running errands.

 Pretty much sums me up! How about you? Mascara & Caffeine coffee cup

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