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It's time to RISE up

My entire adult life I have felt different. Not because of the way that I look, but because I just know that there is something inside of me, placed by God that is unique. Now, I'm not in any way shape or form tryin to toot my own horn here or say that I'm special. It's something I can't even begin to describe. I know there are others like me out there, I have connected with a few, but it is so very hard for me to really open up to people without being deemed "weird," flat out crazy or oddly spiritual because they can't even wrap their mind around the way that my brain works or my heart feels. I don't even like the word spiritual because people have a misconception that it's hypocritical or fortune telling kind of yuck. Sound familiar to you?  Keep reading.

Magnolia Home Farmhouse Decor

Lately I've been rearranging home décor in my home, adding some farmhouse elements and watching a lot of Fixer Upper. One of my favorite things to do is listen to sermons and words on YouTube while decorating. I feed my soul while decorating. Sometimes it sparks new creativity and a lot of times I get new revelation during that time. I highly recommend it! It's amazing what God can do while doing household chores!

Today I'm sharing with you some of Joanna Gaines' new home décor line, Magnolia Home! You are able to shop directly from my blog and get a piece of Fixer Upper right in your own home. There are so many gorgeous pieces, I can't decide what my first purchase will be!

I also found this cute little white colander and baked pie sign at World Market.

What to Pack for Hawaii + My 10 Year Anniversary Trip

In May, my husband and I were finally able to officially celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. On our honeymoon in Hawaii in March 2006, we told each other that it was our goal and dream to come back at 10 years and celebrate. Being young and in love, we dreamt big and as the years went by, we didn't think that our dream would actually become a reality. As the time approached, God opened a perfectly orchestrated door and we were able to book our dream second honeymoon for pennies. Seriously. God is that awesome!

DIY Fixer Upper Inspired Botanical Prints with Free Printables

 If you're like me and a whole lot of other women in the United States, you're obsessed with the brilliantly simple interior designs of Joanna Gaines. Who knew that old beat up stuff and white shiplap walls would become an all out craze!? Neutral colors, natural elements and flea market finds are an easy way to get the same look.  I love to scroll Pinterest to get inspired and try and figure out how I can recreate some things my own way and for a little cost. Personally I absolutely love live plants in my home paired with neutrals,  so botanical prints absolutely fit my style! Today I'm showing you how I created these 11x14 prints matted in a 16x20 frame for $40 for everything!!

My Pillow Secret: 24 Boho + Farmhouse Pillows Under $6

If you didn't already know, I have a major thing for pillows. I collect them and rotate them around the house for different seasons and to create a new look in a room. It's my thing and it makes me really happy! Also, it is such an easy way to change the feel of a room and freshen up a space instantly and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Want to know my secret? I buy really inexpensive home décor pillow cases from Amazon and cover thrift store pillows, ugly clearance pillows or pillows that I already have! So you can get a whole new look for just a few bucks. Simple as that! I've scoured Amazon to find the perfect pillows for you so that you didn't have to. Today, I'm sharing 24 of my favorite pillow cases ranging from $2 to $6 on Amazon!