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Past Fall projects- Reclaimed Pallet wood signs & Banner

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I made these last year and LOVE them so I thought I'd share it with you again. I whitewashed the wood, used a black sharpie for the lettering.

For the pumpkins, I painted old fence slats orange with craft paint, found scrap pieces of wood for the stems which I painted green and then nailed them directly onto the sign.

You can check out my RUFFLED FALL BANNER TUTORIAL and make one yourself!

Motivational Mondays Begins Today

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Happy Monday!

Recently I have been thinking a lot about this blog, my life and my voice that is infused with all of the DIY projects and inspiration. Along the way I feel as if my voice, my heart isn't being heard. That all of the projects are more important. I've always felt as if no one would care if I talked about things that were important to me. Maybe this is just the enemy's way of stopping me from being a Light in the World.

After pondering on Friday evening and a few positive thoughts from other bloggers I decided that I am going to share my heart. I am going to be motivational! I have SO much to say and a HUGE heart and all of my readers do not even know that because the lack of me not sharing them.

What about my heart for hurting children?
What about me trying to figure out this whole motherhood thing?
What about my love for Jesus? We all know that is the most important one.

So why in world am I not sharing.

Let me honest for a moment, I am shy.

Wait, say whaaat?

Yeah, I am shy!

I only share my feelings if I really know you. Otherwise, I don't talk that much. If you ask my husband he will say that I  NEVER stop talking but that is not true!

So with all that said, I am determined to show you guys my heart. Share things that matter to me on top of all the projects.

Today starts Motivational Mondays! A day to grab a cup of coffee or heck a coke because I LOVE both and get inspired to sink deeper into God's love. This is what I'm really about.

If you didn't already know, I have a non profit, that motivates and helps women overcome depression and anxiety God's way. I am slowly going to be infusing that on Mondays over here.

 God is calling me to simplify my life. Get rid of all the things that aren't necessary. Running two blogs is a lot on top of everything else...

So here is to new adventures, inspiration, and sharing my heart! I hope you enjoy!

Time please stop. Sincerely, Teryn

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Yesterday, October 14, 2014, my oldest child turned eight years old. I had been dreading this day for the past few months. Not because I don't want to spoil him with cake, gifts and all the blessings of birthday celebrations but because, as a mother, I was not prepared.

It seems like just yesterday I labored for hours on end, pushed for 2 exhausting hours and finally met my little man. Before I knew it, he turned 8. Eight fast years went by with a blink of an eye. The little raspy voice turned into a maturing young man. One with growing knowledge and height. He no longer cries over "boo boos" and spilled milk. He no longer needs me to do as much for him anymore. He can get his own cup of ice water and takes out the trash.

As each one of his birthdays comes every year, he no longer needs me a little more and more. That is why I was dreading this years 8th birthday.

I wish I could be the one to hold him forever, kiss him forever and tuck him in bed forever. The reality is, I won't be the one. He will find a special woman, which turns into THE ONE.

That ONE will then take my place caring for him. I will have to let go and a little piece of my heart will be missing.

I am not ready nor prepared for any of that. Driver's license, saying goodbye on his first date or even saying goodbye for college if he wishes so.

I know I am his mother, the one who will always be there if he needs me, the one he can tell anything to and I will always stand up for him. I know I will always hold a special place in his heart like he does in mine.

So with each birthday that passes, I have to let go a little more. Brace for another year of more changes, maturation, and  knowledge.

As each year goes by, and the uncertainty of what that year will bring, he might not need me every second of the day but I will always be there loving him with all of my heart. That I can promise and know for sure.

I want to live in the slow motion. The calming center of the tornado were peace and happiness collide in the whirlwind. Not this fast paced life I have been given. Time, please be kind. Give me moments of bliss and happiness as I watch my children grow with the love of Jesus in their hearts. Moments of watching them chase bubbles and giggle while frolicking in the grass.  Little kisses, holding my hand and snuggling with me on a chilly winter morning. Those are the moments I will hold dear to my heart and as a mother I can treasure forever.  Time, just. please. stop. I don't want my babies  growing up just yet, I am not prepared.



Fall 2014 Hair Trends with Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

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Fall is officially here. It was definitely long awaited. Leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice everything and the sweet nostalgia of  pumpkin carving, hayrides, and  fire places  are in the air.

When the seasons start changing so do we. Everything from our food, wardrobe and  hair evolve a little or sometimes a lot. As women, there are two major seasons that have us wanting to color or cut our gorgeous locks. The transition from Spring to Summer and then again in Fall.

This year, in Fall 2014 it seems as if all the celebs are trying new hairstyles and the runways were packed with fresh trends. We're talking perfectly parted centers, pony tails in every style, loose and textured waves and definitely glamorous 60's inspired looks.

Celebrities of all ages are leading the way in drastic hair changes this year. For example, Beyonce, Jen Aniston, Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and more are all trading in their long locks for a shorter style.

I for one jumped on the shorter hair train for Fall.. I was ready for a change. Something a little edgier and with style while staying true to me. My signature go to look is my loose textured waves just like the runway trend.

Even with shorter hair, I curl my hair daily. That leaves my hair needing moisture, shine and amazing products to keep my hair healthy.

I recreated my loose waves with the help of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil  shampoo and conditioner. After I washed and conditioned, I towel dried my hair then applied the Pure Care Dry Oil nourishing hair treatment made with African Macadamia oil and coconut oil.

I blow dried my hair as usual and was blown away by the results! Not only did my hair smell like sweet, fresh baby oil, it was amazingly soft and literally like silk. My hair hasn't felt this amazing in a long time, or maybe even ever!

After my hair was completely dry and gorgeously silky, I created lose waves, added some body and was ready to go about my day with confidence. Not only did my hair look shiny and smooth but it also boosted my mood!

The new Dove products are suitable for every hair type and it didn't weigh my hair down at all. I still had plenty of volume with my silky hair that lasted all day.

  • 5x silkier hair when using the system of shampoo, conditioner and treatment vs. non-conditioning shampoo
  • Nourishes hair without making it feel greasy or heavy
  • Proven to absorb quickly, the dry oil features a blend of African Macadamia oil and Coconut oil
  • They dare you to try Dove Pure Care Dry Oil and fall in love with the touch and feel of your hair or your money back*
    • Share your silky results at #silkyhairdare
    • Share your silky results at #silkyhairdaresweeps for a chance to win** $20,000 in prizes up for grabs
    • Visit for more information
    • Purchase in Mass, Food and Drug retailers nationwide

I definitely recommend all of you try it for yourself and see if you felt a huge difference like I did. I also used it on my daughters hair and was amazed at her results too. I'm so happy to have found a product that was perfect for her and I. She felt like a princess with her shiny silky hair. There was nothing better than mommy and daughter time with Dove hair care!

  • *If you are not completely satisfied with the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil system, Dove will refund your purchase (from 9/21 – 12/31). Visit for details

    I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

    DIY Shabby Wood Number Make Over with Nail Head Trim

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    Recently I took a trip to hobby lobby and I saw an adorable wooden letter with nail head trim for $18. I immediately fell in love and knew I could DIY it. You know, being a DIY girl and all of course I would have to try to recreate what I saw but with my own style incorporated into it.

    For a long time, I had been searching for the perfect wooden number 5. I have 5 people in my family so #5 represents each of us and I love things with meaning. 
     I want to say this wooden number was originally 5.99 but I cant remember what the tag said... it was also on sale for 50% off! I couldn't put it in my cart fast enough.

    Bless Hobby Lobby's heart for having exactly what I had been looking for!

    1. I spray painted the number with Valspar's metallic gold spray paint from Lowe's. Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures of that step. I was juggling multiple projects at once!

    2. After the gold was try, I spray painted the number again with Valspar's white spray paint and it actually was the white primer!

    I then took my block sander and started sanding/distressing away. I focused on the edges and lightly went over the entire 5. I wanted an old, worn shabby look with the metallic gold peeking through for character.

    I then took some leftover nail head trim and was going to originally use the roll of it from Hancock's Fabrics but I then decided that it would be too much so I opted to use just the nail heads and space them out nicely.

    I started nailing at the corner and worked my way around with the desired space in between  the studs.

    I LOVE my version of the Hobby Lobby inspired number and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. It only took me 2 years to find the perfect # 5!

    I already had the nail head trim and paint on hand so this project was under $5 for me. Style doesn't have to cost you a pretty penny.

    This project really is super easy and anyone can do it! Head to your local Hobby Lobby store to get your favorite number and make your own!

    *I was not compensated or sponsored for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. I just LOVE Hobby Lobby and everything the company stands for.

     Linking up to !

    Balancing life


    Life sure has been busy around here and that means the blog gets a little neglected. I have so many projects on my camera and somehow I haven't had a minute to work on posts. Just being real here! I am a busy lady! I've been juggling kids' school stuff, emails, sick hubby and kids and church. The rest of this week is jammed packed with church, a school field trip and a meeting! Finding the balance between life and a blog is sometimes hard! I just wanted to stop by and say, yes, I'm still alive! I even took a small trip to Hobby Lobby and I will be showing all the amazing things that I found! I have a lot of creative things to share with you and I can't wait!
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