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How to put Together a Master Bedroom You Will Love // New Year New Room

It seems as if the master bedroom is always the one room that gets the short end of the stick. Laundry gets thrown on the bed which then ends up piled on the floor after a long day or even longer week. Odds and ends find their way there waiting to be organized and most often mismatched furniture and bedding complete the room. The master bedroom is supposed to be a place that you retreat to every night. A place of comfort, relaxation and definitely not added stress from all of the random things in there. Putting together a pretty bedroom can seem daunting but actually it can be simple. With a little bit of money and time you can whip up a room that you love to walk  into every night. I'm going to break it down into simple steps to put together a master bedroom that you will love plus giving you updates on my own New Year New Room Master Bedroom Refresh. You can see week 1 HERE.

1. Figure out your style.

There are so many to choose from and here are a few.

Art deco
English country
Mid- Century Modern
Shabby Chic
Then there is boho, rustic, farmhouse, French country and more. Once you figure out what your true design style is or a mix of a few then you can move forward! I suggest you look at all different types of design styles on Pinterest to get a feel for what you really want. Search for master bedrooms and see what comes up. Do you like old looking furniture or sleek chrome pieces? Start asking yourself and write a list of things that you love and start with that!

2. Choose a color palette.

Once you figure out what style you love, pick out a couple of colors that you love. I like to stick with about 4 colors and can use one of them for a big pop of color. You also want your bedroom to flow with the feel of the rest of your home too as with any space.

3. Decide what you need + Looks vs. Functionality

Style and looks are a big factor but what we don't often realize is that it may look beautiful but what may be beautiful isn't always functional. You need to choose furniture pieces that suites your NEEDS not just look pretty. So for me, a little bedroom office is crucial. It may not be look perfect in the room or in photos but it is a need for me so that's what I will go with. Also, my husband always needs a nightstand with some kind of storage. Bookcase or shelf is a need for me since my husband and I read a lot. I haven't found the perfect one yet so I'll keep searching! Also, a flat screen TV is always something in the bedroom for family movie night and Netflix when I can get some time to myself!

Think about what are some key pieces that you NEED not just want. A bed, nightstand, maybe a small desk, dresser ect., then you can add in your stylish pieces like a bench, chair or even a little loveseat for creating a cute reading space.

So far, I've chosen a new nightstand and desk and I absolutely love them! I will have to say that I did go outside of my usual box for my bedroom this time.

My mirrored nightstand is from World Market and you can find it HERE
I also chose this desk from World Market too! You can find it HERE.

4. Find your inspiration.
Whether it be a piece of art, rug or bedding, find something to base your entire room off of, including style and colors. This will make it much easier!

5. Gather your décor.
You will need bedding, decorative pillows, lamps and accessories to complete your space. My favorite place to look for décor are Homegoods, Marshalls, Ross, and TJMAXX. Make sure to check out different locations of each store because they all have different things!

6. Don't forget your walls.
Whether it be a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper, every room needs something to give it that extra WOW! One of the biggest changes you could ever make to any room is the walls! For my bedroom makeover, I chose to add some really fun but neutral wallpaper from Wallpaper Boulevard called Stucco from Urban Chic.
It is distressed brick with cream and grays but it also has a metallic sheen to it making it oh so glam! I have a thing for white brick! I chose this wallpaper so that it is able to match any colors and a few different design styles if I were to ever re-decorate in the future. That's the smart thing to do!

7. Lighting is key!
Another way to really amp up the style is with lighting. I'm talking chandeliers all the way down to lamps and candles. One of my absolute favorite things in my bedroom is my ceiling fan chandelier from Lamps Plus that I installed myself! You can find my how to HERE. I transformed my boring ceiling fan into something pretty. Who knew that you could add a chandelier to your fan!? It is worth it! You can find my exact chandelier kit HERE.

I'm still working on my bedroom day by day and I only have until the end of this month to complete it. I'll be drinking a lot of coffee, listening to music and getting to work! Now you can check out all the other ladies' progress on their New Year New Room Refresh!

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I also want to thank my amazing New Year New Room Refresh sponsors!

How to Workout at Home & Get Results + What is Buti Yoga?

I'm going to start by laying it all out there. 2016 was not the business for me when it came to the fitness department. I felt as if I had been the most tired I had ever been my entire life. Even more than having a newborn. I lacked energy and  motivation and that kept me from really pursuing things that I wanted to pursue in my life, like projects and working out. I had a personal goal to really put myself first, really buckle down on my diet, ( eating clean) and get into better shape before I turn 30. I find myself talking about that number a lot because I honestly can't believe it's going to happen. I find it crazy that I'm turning 30 in 2 months and that I know that 2017 is going to be the best year ever!

When I started losing motivation and lacked the energy to craft up projects or even decorate, I knew something wasn't right. I just didn't even want to bother with making a mess because I didn't have the energy to clean it up. Something had to change because I wanted my old crafting, project doing self back ASAP.

As women and mother's we get put on the back burner. I used to go to the gym often and lift weights and absolutely loved it and was seeing results, then the busyness of life just got to me. Three kids' schedules are more than enough to make you go crazy and try to add yourself into that schedule. You can barely breath. One day, I thought about THIS blog post about how Satan can't make decisions for me and I remembered that he can't have my energy either! He sucks the energy right out of us so that we are left with nothing to pursue our dreams with. That will have to be an entirely different blog post because I have so much to say.

As for today, things haven't happened overnight but I'm going to share with you how I am taking my old self back and you can too!

Modern Glam Bedroom // New Year, New Room Refresh

I love that January is a completely fresh start. The slate is wiped clean and the possibilities and goals are endless. Something about the New Year inspires us to give things a try and go after some goals that we may not ever try  during the rest of the year. Nobody really ever starts anything new in the summer! It also seems as if I get an itch to redecorate some spaces in my home in January. As soon as I start putting away my Christmas décor, I automatically start Spring cleaning. I start making piles for donations and get rid of major clutter. I also start working on the spaces that have piled up with stuff over the past year. So, this January, I've teamed up with some other awesome bloggers for the New Year, New Room Refresh challenge hosted by! We're bringing you décor inspiration and our room refresh updates every Monday in January so follow along!

My oldest daughter turns 8!

Christmas break has officially ended for us and we've now been back in school since Tuesday. I would be lying if I said that I loved getting back to the school routine. Getting up at 5:30AM Monday-Friday and waking the kids up at 6AM is not the business for me after spending the past 2 weeks staying up late and sleeping in with no where to be. It was heavenly and refreshing.

The day before school started again, my oldest daughter / middle child turned 8 years old. I feel like I just brought that bald little baby girl home from the hospital thinking where is all of her hair? My babies are supposed to be born with a thick head of dark hair! That wasn't the case for her. She's been living outside of the box that I imagined her to be in. You know a preconceived idea of what type of personality she will have. Instead she burst out of that box with confetti and sparkles and never looked back. That's my girl. Big giant ray of sunshine riding on a unicorn chasing rainbows.

Little Bit of Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus

This morning I woke up with such JOY and excitement. There may be Christmas toys and boxes everywhere at my house but I'm happy! It's all about perspective and I see the mess as a blessing not a burden. You think I'm crazy right? You see, the mess is a blessing because we are able to buy gifts for us and others. There isn't any lack and God provided everything we needed to celebrate his son's birth all the way down to Christmas dinner! I dragged the tree out last night, and I'm left with cleaning up a million pine needles and finishing putting up the inside décor while drinking my coffee. Something in my spirit says that there is much to look forward to in 2017. Don't look back. The year 2016 was by far one of the best years of my life. God blessed abundantly and met every need. Now, I'm not saying that to brag. I'm saying that to show you that God really is faithful! If you ask you will receive and that's exactly what I did. I put pressure on God's word. So for today, let's  talk about what God's been showing me for 2017! You're gonna need lots of coffee and whole lot of Jesus!