DIY Floral Initial Wreath Tutorial

I've slowly been working on my middle daughter's bedroom. From the moment I walked through the model of my home, I envisioned what her room would be like. Girly, glittery, blush pink and glam just like her personality! Currently she is 7 years old. Well, 7 going on 13! She thinks certain things are for babies now, including FROZEN so I had to come up with a room that would easily transition from first grader to tween. While browsing through Michaels, I came across this circle initial and immediately knew that I wanted to cover it with pink flowers for her room's gallery wall. I'm currently working on that wall, gathering the right pieces and then I will move it over to there.  It's so cute and can work with any flowers and colors for any room. Here is how to make one for yourself...


1. Spray paint the circle initial with heirloom white and let dry completely.
2. Pull off all of the heads of the flowers. Then make sure you cut off the little green stem part that is left so that the flower will lay flat on the circle.

 3. With your glue gun, glue on all the flowers. Start with the biggest ones and then fill in with the little flowers until the entire wreath is full. I also tried to alternate in a slight pattern and squished the flowers together be able to fit more.

4. After all the flowers are on, hang it up and enjoy! I hung mine with a clear push pin and just set it on there.

Don't forget that Michaels has coupons too. I think I paid around $3.50 for the initial with my coupon and then my mom had a ton of silk flowers from Michaels too. You could even use dollar tree flowers for a low budget project or use higher quality that will cost you a little more.

So, what do you think? Is this something you would try? It really was so easy!

Fixer Upper Inspired Kitchen Menu and Apron Organizer

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Do you ever feel like you are scrambling to figure out what to eat for dinner? I especially have to come up with something fast when it's soccer practice nights. It always seems like the time flies during the day and before I know it, the kids need to be fed, soccer gear found and put on and we only have 30 minutes to do it all before we are late. Sounds stressful right? Well it is!

I got to thinking... there has to be a way to organize my life just a little better. As I'm going through the last year of my 20's, one of my goals is to simplify and organize my home so that I feel like I have time to breathe and relax at night. I want to be fully prepared for the next day so that the mornings are a breeze. I also want to be fully prepared for the evenings when dinner and homework demand my attention. Lately, I realized that if I really put a little effort into pre-planning, my life would be so much easier! No more scrambling around and being late. Well I hope my running behind situation can be helped. We'll just have to wait and see!

Since I knew I wanted to create a solution for my evening stress with three hungry children and husband, I envisioned a cute little chalkboard in my kitchen that even had a place for my daughters' aprons for when they help me cook. There wouldn't be anymore guessing when it came to what's for dinner and I could mentally prepare and even pull out whatever I needed to in the morning to prepare for it. Since I would be using a piece of birch plywood I wanted to come up with a creative way to attach some crown molding pieces to it without having to use glue or nails. So while browsing Walmart one day in the craft section, which I do often, I came across the perfect solution. Scotch® Brand Permanent Mounting Tape. Scotch® Brand has a ton of supplies that are perfect to create things with. From masking tape to spray adhesives there are so many options to chose from. Another amazing craft product that I use is Command™ Brand. You can use them to add hooks for organizing or hang pictures without poking a bunch of holes in the wall with all of their damage free hanging solutions that hold strong and come off clean. Now,  let's get started and I'll show you how you can simplify motherhood or just life in general!

2x2 piece of birch plywood
8ft piece of wood crown molding
black chalkboard spray paint
gray chalk paint or choice of color
small paint brush
chalk & chalk pen
saw to cut molding
Scotch® Brand Permanent Mounting Tape
Clear Command™ Hooks
Command™ Picture Hanging for 16lbs
drop cloth to keep your work area clean

1. Spray paint the entire 2x2 board. I did 2 coats and let completely dry.

2. Take a piece of chalk and rub it over the entire board. Then wipe it completely off. This cures it so that whatever you write on it won't stay imprinted in the chalkboard.
3. Cut your molding in 2 ft. pieces. You can fit them however you want on the board. As for me, I had to cut the 4th piece shorter to fit into the 2 side pieces. I actually recommend that if you are skilled, cut them at 45 degree angles to create the perfect frame. I just didn't have any extra pieces to practice on.

4. Paint the molding pieces the color of your choice. I chose a gray washed look.
5. Grab your Scotch® Brand Permanent Mounting Tape and cute into 3 small pieces for each side.
6. Peel off one side and stick to the back of the molding. Then peel off the other side and place onto the 2x2 one side at a time.

7. Paint your Command™ Hooks with the same paint so that they will blend into the frame. Let dry completely.

8. Place the Command™ Picture Hanging strips to the back just like you did with the molding frame by pressing down. Then after it is attached to the chalkboard, press it to the wall. After you do that, press your hooks onto the front lower right of the frame. Hang your aprons after the suggested time and you are done!

It even matches my new black velvet tufted chairs.

So, now that I have this weeks menu written out, the kids love to look and see what dinner will be for that night just like it's hot lunch menu at school. They rarely get hot lunch at school so this is fun for them too. With the chalkboard I can write out all of the meal planning menu that goes with what groceries I actually have on hand and just choose one off of the list. I will be planning out the entire month and then writing the weekly menu on the chalkboard to keep it simple. I can also add my grocery list too. This is going to be my kitchen hub and small command center. I'll be showing you later the easy way to add a grocery list to a chalkboard and how I'm going to tackle mean planning.

Organization doesn't have to be drab. It can be exactly your style and be functional. It can also act as décor too.  Life is a little easier when we plan ahead and get organized and I'm planning on using even more Scotch® items to help me get  this crazy thing called motherhood in order and keep my sanity at the same time too!

How to do you plan your meals? Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal or do you roll out a monthly plan? I'd love to know what's working for your family.

You can get even more inspiration on Pinterest and from Scotch® Brand

The Truth About the World my Children are Growing up in

Have you seen what has been flooding our Facebook feeds lately? From the Target bathroom and dressing room situation to Beyoncé's Lemonade (which I haven't actually watched because she doesn't deserve my attention) our entire daily social media is filled with feuding about differences of opinions and morals. Everything is in chaos. Every opinion is viewed as wrong. No one is "right" even though there CLEARLY is a right side. There is so much hate. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Do we not see that what is currently going on in the world is affecting and shaping our children's futures? WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Why is it that if  Christians stand up for what we believe in and clearly the Bible states ( which is the direct word from God himself) then we are deemed hateful and not like Christ? If I remember correctly, Jesus himself didn't put up with nonsense. He called people out. He wasn't well liked. Why do people twist our words to make us look hateful? God is LOVE but God doesn't love SIN! Let me be clear, I DO NOT want a man in the bathroom with my 7 and 3 year old daughter. I don't care what you look like. There are no gray areas in the bible and you can't pick and choose what the scriptures mean. The sin is the war that we are waging over. It's just sin and it comes straight from the enemy. He twists our thoughts and minds. So that same enemy that taints our thoughts will tempt a grown man to go into the girl's bathroom and sneak some peeks. NOT OK. I don't even want to give that pervert a chance.

I care for every soul on this earth. I care about where they will spend their eternity. The world our children are living in today is watering down sin. Making them think that they can do whatever they want and people will have to accept their actions. That it's cool if they like the same sex. They are almost even pushed to think that's how it should be. They are constantly having race issues brought up and having to be "politically correct" on the playground because holy moly someone might tell on them for not accepting this corrupt world.

Where I live, my school district just changed their dress code. All ages and sexes including kindergarten are allowed to wear dresses, long hair and earrings. Everything is gender neutral now. I had to sit my children down and explain to them what they will be seeing at school and how to handle it. I told them that we do not accept what the enemy is trying to do but we still will be nice to people and NEVER make fun of them. Do the schools not understand that bullying is going to increase by a mile and bullying leads to suicides. I've heard of elementary kids committing suicide! What child should think that way? They shouldn't because the enemy is a liar. It's the world that is feeding them poison. A child sees through innocent eyes until they are tainted.

I am so fired up about this world my children are growing up in. Race is an issue, gender is an issue, perverts are an issue, safety is an issue. What happened to playing hopscotch with chalk out on the sidewalk on a Saturday morning with neighborhood friends? What happened to trust? Everything they are dealing with is tainted and it breaks my heart. They will never truly know a good old fashioned summer. One without technology and hate. They will never know what it's like to walk a mile to a friends house just to play because someone will call CPS or they could picked up by human traffickers. They will never know what their food is like without all the chemicals and GMO. They will never know what it's like to not have to deal with bullies at school or get made fun of because they are sheltered and still innocent in their minds.

This world, this hateful world, is only going to get worse so how do we instruct our kids to deal with these horrid situations? Everything they are learning now is forming who they are as adults and these kids of today are the people who will have opinions and fight for what they believe in  the future. My answer is PRAYER and  a lot of it. Yes, we have the power to fight for our morals on this earth but God is the one that can change it. Remember  prayer changes everything and faith can move mountains.

I am going to do my best to teach my children how to deal with the world by teaching them the importance of prayer. The importance of faith. The importance of how BIG God truly is. After that, it is up to God to guide them. I want to teach them that there still is some good in the world and they can be the good too. Random acts of kindness. Serving not demanding.

So with the world trying to taint their innocent hearts and feeding them poisonous lies we will fight to our death to keep them on the right track with an ear to hear and an eye to see. It will never be about race or gender, it will always be about the battle of sin. My children may never know the good old days, but they WILL know the love of God. That's a fact.

Thrifted Mirror Gallery Wall

Sometimes the best décor doesn't come from a big box store. From what I've learned is that if I'm constantly seeking what everyone else has, then am I really doing myself a favor by being like everyone else? The truth is that I'm not. When we do what everyone else is doing, we are just trying to fit in and now showcasing our true personalities. So what if no one else likes it. If you love it then that's awesome! As women we get a lot of our self worth by how we decorate our homes and the state of cleanliness. For me this is absolutely true. If my home is in disarray, which it actually is big time right now (more on that later), then I feel like my life is out of control. It's a fact that it can drive a woman to depression. So my motto will always be a clean home is a happy home!

My absolute favorite décor items are actually from thrift stores! It's the ones that no one else would have and that have a totally unique vibe to them. They are also the ones that I didn't spend a fortune on and can't be duplicated. Remember that spray paint make ANY thrift store item cuter. Just add color or stick with a solid neutral and you will do just great.

Today I wanted to talk about my love for thrifted items by chatting about my beloved mirror gallery wall for the #ItsSoUglyItsCool challenge hosted by Domicile37. Now I want to be able to show you guys more pictures but I have a secret. I totally procrastinated and then I thought yesterday was Tuesday which actually was Monday, so I thought I missed my deadline and just forgot about it the rest of the day. So, in the evening, I realized it was actually Monday and had to scramble to figure out what I wanted to share. That left me writing late at night and I can't photograph in the dark!

The above photo inspires me to move my blue rug back downstairs and change out my couch throw pillows once again. I thought the rug looked too busy but in this photo I love it! I tried adding more black to my space and it really hasn't been super inspiring to me. I do love black though! Ok, totally getting side tracked. Let's talk about the mirrors.


1. Start collecting mirrors! Go to thrift stores and yard sales and check all the time! Remember the amazing mirrors get picked up fast. I would go looking every chance that I got. It's not going to be a quick fix to collect them all. It will take time. It actually took me about a year to get a lot of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. You can also add in  a few retail store mirrors too if you've fallen in love with one.

2. Spray paint them all the same color and let completely dry.

3. Place them out on the floor and start doing mock arrangements to see what would look best before you started nailing into the wall.

4. Start with the biggest one first as a starting point.

5.  You will be placing from biggest to smallest, using the smaller ones as fillers.

6. Make sure to keep spacing in mind and try to keep it consistent if you can.

7. I placed mirrors from floor to ceiling for a big dramatic effect.

Since my computer crashed a few weeks ago, I had all of my past mirror pictures on there. I have yet to transfer my old hard drive to my new computer so I will do my best to update this post with new photos of the entire wall when I can.

For now, you can find me rearranging rugs and pillows and getting my decorating mojo back and while I'm doing that, check out the other It's So Ugly It's Cool challenge participants for more thrift store inspiration!

How to Take Care of Dry Sensitive Skin // Skincare Routine

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Last month I celebrated my 29th birthday. I know that I have been talking about that a lot lately. It's due to the fact that 1. I can't believe I'm going to be thirty and 2. There are a lot of things that I want to accomplish during this last year. I feel like I'm running around with a ticking clock. The truth is, I'm scared of getting older. Now I know what you might be thinking... wow, thirty sounds so old  or thirty is still so young depending on what age you currently are right now. I used to think thirty sounded so "grown up" while I was living my life as a vibrant fresh faced teenager. Now that I'm headed that way, I can tell that my body is wanting to age just a tad but my heart and soul feel like I should still be 18. On another note, I just really can't believe that I am older than all the girls on the  Bachelor!

During my teenage years, I struggled with a little bit of acne. Nothing too extreme or that I couldn't handle. I would have the occasional breakouts. As soon as I hit 29 it was like my body threw me for a loop. A little bit of adult acne had been thrown my way. I really didn't sign up for this! The years prior I was pretty much still fresh faced. Now, I feel like I have to put a lot more effort into my skin care to even have a "glow" for the day. I really don't know what went wrong! Oh wait yes, time flew by and I've aged another year.

Fast forward through high school and my skin changed a little. It wasn't oily anymore. It had morphed into dry and super sensitive. I'm talking about the kind of sensitive that if it said that it didn't have fragrance in the product but it still had an aroma to it, then it made my face breakout. My skin became dry and I still to this day struggle to maintain moisture in my skin. Now, I may be able to blame a small part of the stress of motherhood on my dry skin but in reality I'm going to have to accept that we all can't look young forever but we can do everything that we can to help.

After cautiously trying tons of different skin care products, I took the plunge and decided to try out CeraVe. My sister's dermatologist recommended it for her. She always used it but I never really took the time to stray from what I had until this year! The past few months I had been on the hunt for some new moisturizer and just an overall new skincare routine. Something that wouldn't make me break out that wasn't greasy after it was applied and actually moisturized my very dry skin. So, I headed to my local Walmart and browsed their skin care aisle. They had a big display of CeraVe and since my sister raved about it all these years I decided to try it out. They actually carry it in two different sections. One in the face wash/ face care aisle and some in the sunscreen aisle.

Here is what I got.
 - CeraVe Moisturizing Cream which moisturizes and helps restore the protective skin barrier, with vital ceramides.
-CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser: Removes dirt, oil and makeup as ceramides and hyaluronic acid moisturize, soften, and help repair the skin barrier.
-CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion which moisturizes and provides broad spectrum sun protection.
-CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50 that provides broad spectrum, lightweight sun protection plus vital ceramides.

All of that sounds amazing right? I was really excited to give it all a try because CeraVe helps replenish the vital ceramides healthy skin needs are non-irritating and fragrance-free. Most are also non-comedogenic too. I've always heard that what you do with your skin during your 20's sets you up for the rest of your life. It's so important to protect it from the sun, stay hydrated and have a faithful skincare routine. I wish I would've made it more of a priority sooner but it is better late than never! Thirty here I come!

Now is the fun part. Here is my personal routine that I use morning and night. Let's get started so you can start putting  face washing and moisturizing day and night on your to do list. It only takes me less than two minutes so if I can do it, so can you!

First start out by washing your face with the Foaming Facial cleanser to get all of your makeup removed. Then you are going to "double cleanse" and wash your face again with the Hydrating Cleanser. After you have double washed (once with each product) pat your face dry and apply your AM Facial Moisturizing lotion for the morning. It has SPF 30. If you need a little more for a day at the beach, be sure to apply the Sunscreen Face Lotion. That has SPF 50 and is waterproof for up to 4 hours! Then apply your makeup and you are ready to face the day. Ha get it?

Now it's time for the night time routine. Same cleansing but the moisturizer is different. After you have patted dry after double cleansing, apply your CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. It is thicker than the AM lotion and wearing it at night is a great way to hydrate. If you are really dry in the morning because you forgot to wash the night before, you can swap out the AM and apply just a little of the Cream.
You have to  love those bathroom selfies right? I had just taken off my phone case too and my DLSR was charging.
 CeraVe has become such a staple in my beauty products that I placed them on a cute cake stand to be easily accessible on the bathroom counter. I've come to learn that the skin naturally contains ceramides. Over time, ceramides become depleted, leading to dry and irritated skin. So that's what's REALLY going on with me! CeraVe helps replenish the vital ceramides healthy skin needs.  It penetrates the skin's surface, to help rebuild the skin's protective barrier and lock in moisture all day. Seriously, exactly what I need.

The good news is that if you are wanting to try out my routine and take care of your dry sensitive skin, the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, Foaming Facial Cleanser, CeraVe Moisturizing Cream are all on RollBack  at Walmart for $9.97 until 5/9/2016. Don't forget to stack the $2 CeraVe Coupon too!
You can find CeraVa on Facebook , Twitter and YouTube.

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