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Fabric Bunny Silhouettes

The flowers are blooming is so is our creativity! It's time to start your Spring cleaning by dusting of your sewing machine and craft supplies. Get into the spirit of the most beautiful time of the year with these adorable fabric bunnies. They are simple to make. In fact, so simple that even the kids can make them. You can create them in any print and fabric to match your own style. From bright and colorful to farmhouse drop cloth canvas and ticking stripes, these little bunnies will sure be the perfect addition to your Spring home décor.

Cardstock for making your own pattern
Paper scissors
Fabric scissors
Pen for tracing
Fabric of your choice
Sewing Machine or thread + needle
Poly fill stuffing
Twine or bibbon
Pinking Shears scissors

1. Gather all of your supplies.

2. Grab a piece of cardstock to create your pattern. There are 3 ways you can create your own pattern.
-Print it out then trace onto cardstock.
-Hand draw directly onto cardstock.
- Use a Silhouette or Cricut Machine.
After you choose your method to create a bunny silhouette pattern, cut it out.

3. Fold your desired fabric in half with the wrong side of the fabric together.

4. Lay your cardstock pattern on top and trace.

5. Cut out the bunny silhouettes.

6. Line up the two fabric bunny pieces by placing one on top of the other perfectly.

7. Pin them together in the center.

8. Either with a sewing machine or by hand, sew the outside of the bunny silhouette together 1/2 inch from the edge.  Leave the bottom undone.

9. Stuff the bunny then sew bottom together.

10. With your pinking shears cut around the bunny to finish off the edges.

11. Tie a piece of twine or ribbon around the neck area.

12. Add the to your home and enjoy!

Glittered Heart Wood Sign

Love is in the air! While January flew by right before our eyes, all of the cute heart shaped everything was being stocked onto the shelves even as early as Christmas time. Isn't that crazy!? Valentine's is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I know it's cheesy but I LOVE to give my kids a cute little pink and red stuffed animal which they play with for the rest of the year and a little heart shaped box of chocolates. I always try to make them feel special all the way down to my traditional heart shaped waffles! I really do go all out to make special memories for them. This year will be quite different though. We will be spending Valentine's day as a family in Ireland! Even though I haven't gotten their stuffed animal or box of chocolates to put in my luggage, I have added just a few little décor pieces in my home. Usually I make other cute décor every year but since I won't be home I kept it simple. This wooden glittered heart sign is SO easy to make! All you need is some wood slat, paint, glitter and a glue gun! The best thing about this is that you can make it in ANY colors to use in your kids room, office, bathroom ect!

Modern Glam Bedroom Reveal

The past few weeks have flown by and it's finally week 4 of The New Year New Room Refresh hosted by . That mean's it's my modern glam master bedroom reveal day! Seriously, I can't believe it's the end of the first month of 2017. I've already started crossing things off of my list, so I'd say this year is going great and will only continue to get better. Remember this year is the year for abundant blessings so press in, ask, seek and pray! God will show himself faithful!

Over the past 4 weeks I've been working on transforming my master bedroom. I chose to go with something out of my comfort zone and a little bolder. If you've missed my previous progress posts you can find week 1 HERE, week 2 HERE and week 3 HERE. Ok enough already, here are all the details!

Good Morning Gorgeous + Hello Handsome Free Printable // New Year New Room

Have you ever wanted those cute sayings for wall art but you don't want to pay a ton? Well,  I've got you covered! Today marks week 3 of the New Year New Room Refresh and I am getting so much closer to completing my master bedroom refresh. It's still crazy to me how much new bedding and wallpaper can do to a room! I've chosen a completely different style than before and it's been fun to think outside of my own box. Don't worry, you'll be able to download my prints for free!

Creating DIY wall art isn't hard if you have a specific quote, printer and cute frame. I found this Threshold frame at Target years ago and I am still so in love with them!

All I did was create my image, print it out and slap it in a frame. Viola! Free Wall Art!

Now you get a sneak peek of my Wallpaper Boulevard brick wallpaper and my World Market nightstand!

Now you can print out your own chic bedroom printables below then check out the other New Year New Room Refresh DIY's this week!


How to put Together a Master Bedroom You Will Love // New Year New Room

It seems as if the master bedroom is always the one room that gets the short end of the stick. Laundry gets thrown on the bed which then ends up piled on the floor after a long day or even longer week. Odds and ends find their way there waiting to be organized and most often mismatched furniture and bedding complete the room. The master bedroom is supposed to be a place that you retreat to every night. A place of comfort, relaxation and definitely not added stress from all of the random things in there. Putting together a pretty bedroom can seem daunting but actually it can be simple. With a little bit of money and time you can whip up a room that you love to walk  into every night. I'm going to break it down into simple steps to put together a master bedroom that you will love plus giving you updates on my own New Year New Room Master Bedroom Refresh. You can see week 1 HERE.

1. Figure out your style.

There are so many to choose from and here are a few.

Art deco
English country
Mid- Century Modern
Shabby Chic
Then there is boho, rustic, farmhouse, French country and more. Once you figure out what your true design style is or a mix of a few then you can move forward! I suggest you look at all different types of design styles on Pinterest to get a feel for what you really want. Search for master bedrooms and see what comes up. Do you like old looking furniture or sleek chrome pieces? Start asking yourself and write a list of things that you love and start with that!

2. Choose a color palette.

Once you figure out what style you love, pick out a couple of colors that you love. I like to stick with about 4 colors and can use one of them for a big pop of color. You also want your bedroom to flow with the feel of the rest of your home too as with any space.

3. Decide what you need + Looks vs. Functionality

Style and looks are a big factor but what we don't often realize is that it may look beautiful but what may be beautiful isn't always functional. You need to choose furniture pieces that suites your NEEDS not just look pretty. So for me, a little bedroom office is crucial. It may not be look perfect in the room or in photos but it is a need for me so that's what I will go with. Also, my husband always needs a nightstand with some kind of storage. Bookcase or shelf is a need for me since my husband and I read a lot. I haven't found the perfect one yet so I'll keep searching! Also, a flat screen TV is always something in the bedroom for family movie night and Netflix when I can get some time to myself!

Think about what are some key pieces that you NEED not just want. A bed, nightstand, maybe a small desk, dresser ect., then you can add in your stylish pieces like a bench, chair or even a little loveseat for creating a cute reading space.

So far, I've chosen a new nightstand and desk and I absolutely love them! I will have to say that I did go outside of my usual box for my bedroom this time.

My mirrored nightstand is from World Market and you can find it HERE
I also chose this desk from World Market too! You can find it HERE.

4. Find your inspiration.
Whether it be a piece of art, rug or bedding, find something to base your entire room off of, including style and colors. This will make it much easier!

5. Gather your décor.
You will need bedding, decorative pillows, lamps and accessories to complete your space. My favorite place to look for décor are Homegoods, Marshalls, Ross, and TJMAXX. Make sure to check out different locations of each store because they all have different things!

6. Don't forget your walls.
Whether it be a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper, every room needs something to give it that extra WOW! One of the biggest changes you could ever make to any room is the walls! For my bedroom makeover, I chose to add some really fun but neutral wallpaper from Wallpaper Boulevard called Stucco from Urban Chic.
It is distressed brick with cream and grays but it also has a metallic sheen to it making it oh so glam! I have a thing for white brick! I chose this wallpaper so that it is able to match any colors and a few different design styles if I were to ever re-decorate in the future. That's the smart thing to do!

7. Lighting is key!
Another way to really amp up the style is with lighting. I'm talking chandeliers all the way down to lamps and candles. One of my absolute favorite things in my bedroom is my ceiling fan chandelier from Lamps Plus that I installed myself! You can find my how to HERE. I transformed my boring ceiling fan into something pretty. Who knew that you could add a chandelier to your fan!? It is worth it! You can find my exact chandelier kit HERE.

I'm still working on my bedroom day by day and I only have until the end of this month to complete it. I'll be drinking a lot of coffee, listening to music and getting to work! Now you can check out all the other ladies' progress on their New Year New Room Refresh!

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