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DIY Iridescent & Silver Tassel Banner Tutorial

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I'm so excited to be sharing this super easy tassel banner tutorial with you today. This week I will be sharing 2 projects and a room reveal all from my two daughter's shared bedroom from my previous home. I had always wanted to make a tassel banner for them ever since my dear friend Andrea over at Andrea Nicole made one for her daughter's room. She was generous enough to give me her leftover table decor so I could make my own. 

Things you need:
Fringe table decor from a Party Store
Tape measure
Washi Tape
Push Pins

1. Measure the area that you want your banner to hang at. I think mine was 6 feet so I added a foot on each side  so I could give it some slack when hung.

2. Now cut your twine the desired length for hanging. Mine was 8 feet long for hanging over the double sliding closet doors.

 3. See the top of the table fringe? Its already sealed off with some plastic. That is going to be the top of your tassel where you cut. I cut the strips into about 6 inches wide for both colors.

4.Now roll up the strip and fold over the top and stable it far down enough so you can fit the pencil and twine through it.

5.Cover the staple with washi tape. Mine is pink and glittered.

6.Run a pencil through it to widen and create a loop.

7.Next, Take a push pin and put it in the wall where you think you want to start the banner at. Tie the twine onto the end of the pin. I left some hanging down or you can cut it.

8.String all of your tassels alternating colors until you reach the desired fullness. Keep adding them until you reach the other side. I should've added more to make mine thicker but I did this as a fast project.

9.Spread them out evenly and tack the other side of twine to the wall with another push pin and you're done!

 On Wednesday I'll be sharing the easy way to make my Alice in Wonderland "Down the Rabbit Hole" wooden sign! Then on Friday I will be showing you the room reveal.

If you ever try any of my tutorials don't forget to hashtag #VRSInspired on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram HERE.

DIY Metallic Gold Striped Laurel Wreath Initial Sign Tutorial

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This has to be one of my favorite signs ever. It's small enough to do it quickly and easy too! This little guy ( 8x10 to be exact) is packed full of personality and the letter you choose means something to you so it makes it special. I made this for one of my sweet friends. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The "A" stands for her last name. This metallic gold striped initial sign is on my to do list for my new house! 

What you need:
-8x10 wooden plaque sign ( I found mine at Michaels) Be sure to use your coupon so it's only a few $
-Primer spray paint (I used Valspar primer found at Lowes)
-Metallic gold spray paint ( I used Valspar's found at Lowes)
-Ballpoint pen
-Small paint brush
-black craft paint
-painter tape
-small sanding block or sandpaper
-optional: drop cloth for spray painting outside

First print off this laurel wreath or find one that you like on google. Also, print out the letter of your choice at the size that you want.

Lay your drop cloth out and place your plaque on it.

Spray paint the entire plaque with white primer. Give it a few coats and let it completely dry.
Once the primer is dry, place your tape about every inch to create your stripes. NOTE: make sure to wrap the tape on the side to the back because you will spray paint the sides.
Spray paint it with Valspar's Metallic Gold. Once you have done a few coats peel up the tape and let it completely dry.
 Now take your dry striped sign inside. Tape the paper onto the sign where you want it.
Now press hard with your pin and trace the laurel wreath
* I'm not really left handed, just trying to give you a visual!

See! Now it's etched into the wood.
Now tape down your A or hold it down and press hard with your pen and trace it.
 Now you're ready to paint!
Take your small paint brush and fill in the laurel wreath and letter with black craft paint. You can use any color that you like too!
After that has completely dried, use your sanding block or sand paper and run it over the edges to distress it a little.
You can add hanging hardware on the back or not. It's up to you!

See isn't that easy enough to DIY? Are you going to attempt to make this? If so, post it to instagram with hashtag #VRSInspired and I could feature YOU!

Target Tuesday // Neutrals With A Pop of Hot Pink & Black

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Isn't it funny how a store makes you feel? Sometimes it's nostalgic and brings back memories. For me, Savemart with always have a place in my childhood memories. That's where my Dad worked. He used to take me to work with him and I he would have me "face" the shelves. Anyone know what I'm talking about? It's where you line things up perfectly and bring everything to the front of the shelf so it looks full, organized and everything facing forward. Oh the memories. I know for a fact that my kids will always remember their trips to Target with mom. It will be paired with the smell of  salty buttery  popcorn in that distinct red bag and a white cherry ICEE on the side. Even as we walk thru the door my 2 year old daughter immediately asks for" Poc-corn." They know mom is going to treat us so we can endure the aisle strolling. I think that's exactly why they added  their food court. Mother's stroll the aisles so long the kids get hungry OR we need something to keep them occupied while we search for adorable things that we don't really need. They were genius is you ask me. It has saved me more times than you know. Or you could even say that you used it to bribe your kids into going with you. You know the times where you just  to to grab ONE thing. You tell your kids that you are just hurrying in and out. No fussing. They know better. You aren't just going in to grab one thing. One thing = we are looking at everything in the store. You know they are smart so you say I'll get you some popcorn and an ICEE!? They agree and your one thing turns into 10 and after an hour you're out the door. So popcorn for the win! Happy kids & happy mom.

So today I'm sharing some neutral decor with a pop of hot pink & black. It's good to not be predictable with home decor. Think outside of the box. Add in pops of color. That's why I chose the hot pink. It doesn't scream over the top girly when it's done the right way. Even your man would probably tolerate it! That's one things I appreciate about my husband. He goes with all of my crazy ideas!  Now off to Target you go, with kids & popcorn filling the car while you snag some of these goodies or there are 2 options. Shop online OR GO BY YOURSELF!!! That's a vacation to me and I choose the "by myself" option.
hot pink & black neutral

How to Perfectly Install Cabinet Hardware the Easy Way!

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ALIGNright template
screw driver
drill bit
knobs (mine can be found HERE from D Lawless Hardware )
pulls (mine can be found HERE from D Lawless Hardware)
During my 1 week whole house sprucing up  before we put our house on the market I repainted all the cabinets in my home and added hardware! When we move into that house there weren't any knobs or drawer pulls. It was also outdated oak. So drab and no personality at all! The picture below says it all. It looked dingy and I was ready to freshen it up not only for myself but to help sell it!

After all the cabinets were painted and put back together, my dad came over and helped me install the new hardware perfectly. Since I was using farm house cup pulls I wanted to make sure they were  level. So how do you perfectly match up every knob and pull? It was amazingly simple because we had the perfect tool! 

Check out ALIGNright! It is a tool just for installing hardware perfectly! *Just letting you know I am not sponsored by ALIGNright! It was just really that amazing! You can find it HERE. *affiliate link*

It is a plastic template that helps you mark the spots for  knobs and pulls. That way you get it right every time. 

We took it out of the package and  grabbed the knob template which looks like this.

 Place it on your cabinets and take your pin and mark it. Then take your drill will a small drill bit and drill through your cabinet door. Then screw in your knob! Easy as that!

  You really cant mess it up. It squares it for you and just mark the same whole every time. We took a red sharpie and circled the the hole that we wanted to use.

Now take the pull template. Measure the drawer and determine where the center is. Then we lined up the center holes and picked which side holes matched up to my pulls. Mark those with your pen. Then drill and screw in your pulls with your screwdriver or drill.

A huge thank you to D Lawless Hardware for supplying my crystal knobs and and cup pulls! Be sure to check them out for a great selection & amazing prices!

You can also find me and all my behind the scenes pictures on INSTAGRAM!

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