Down and dirty

So I was thinking a lot yesterday. A lot of things annoy me bug me whatever you want to call it. Definately one thing that bugs me is when people complain! I must admit that I do complain sometimes. Yes I go straight to the one who can fix what I'm complaining about even thought He isn't too happy about it. I've learned to give all my baggage to God. He'll carry it for me no matter how heavy they are. He's strong and I am not. If I carried ALL my baggage I'd be dragging 500+ suitcases filled with ugly clothes if you get the point. People complain then God says OK enough here you go...then they get it and arent satisfied and complain and ask for more. God will always give just dont get sick of what he's giving you. Take your small and make it big. Take what you've been given even thought it may be not enough and be fruitful with it! Try praising God for the little instead of complain what you don't have! Be patient. It's all in good Godly timing. Hard I know. I'm going through it right now. My problem is not knowing what in the pickin world I'm supposed to be doing! Well...I do know but it takes money to make money. Sad I know but true. I have a brand brewing and no finances to go with it. A girl's gotta do it up right. So I must not complain about my little because I have bigger faith than that. All I know is that HIS plans are far greater than mine. He's got my back. He's the ultimate sales rep or whatever you need Him to be. Serious. Give Him praise when things are bad for you. Girl get your UGLY praise on instead of that fake christian crap. Don't put God in a box. He's far bigger than any plastic Jesus. KAPEESH?
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