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reclaimed fence wood sign tutorial

This is a simple project that is super cute!

Things you will need
-4 big fence slats from the side of the road
-craft paint in the color of your choice
- 2 d-rings for hanging (got mine at lowes)
-small paint brush
-something like a 2x4 but smaller cut to the length of your boards

First start out by patrolling the trash pick up to find old fence boards. Usually someone rips out their fence to replace it and leaves the old boards in front of their house. Pick the ones you like best. All the same length and color of wood. Also grab something like a 2x4 in the pile too. I used 4 slats for my sign.

This is how a roll. It's amazing how much stuff I can cram into my little mustang.

Lay your slats on the ground and measure how long you need your 1x3 board. Then use your circular saw and cut it in half.
This is the saw that I used, but use what you have to cut it. (this pic is just fro the saw and I was in the middle of another project)

Then lay your 1x3 or 2x4 on the ground first about the width you want it on the back of your fence slats.

This is the width of how far apart I laid them underneath the boards. Lay them down first then the 4 slats on top so you are looking at the front of your sign.

Then I used a dark nail and nailed it onto the 1x3 every place there is a black X. So in the middle of each board onto the 2 back wood pieces. You can put however many nails going down to secure the boards so they arent wobbly.

Then place both of your D-Rings onto the top of each 1x3 and drill the screws in.

Like this....

Then the assembly of your sign is complete.

I then got on my computer and in Word Processor I typed out the scripture that I wanted exactly how I wanted it on the board and in the front I wanted. The font I used was Edwardian Script. Then print it out.

I placed my sign on the wall where it would go and projected the words onto it in the dark.
I did NOT trace the letters onto it. I painted them lightly with white craft paint giving them an old letter look by lightly touching the wood as I went over the projected words on the board.

                                                    This is what you end up with!

I found inspiration for this sign at
You can see their tutorial for this on their blog. They used new wood and burnt the letters.

Have a glam day!
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