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diy sisal rope reclaimed wood sign

I FINALLY got around to this project. For a long time, this reclaimed wood hung plain on my son's bedroom wall waiting to get his name on it. I wanted something unique and it had to be nautical since his room is kinda explorer-ish! Hence the rope, ship bookends and the world globe!!
Sisal rope
spray paint in the color of your choice
reclaimed fence wood (i used 3 slats)
a piece of wood for the back
liquid nail (or you can nail)
2 screws
glue gun
I found 50ft. of sisal rope in the rope section at Lowes. It is Blue Hawk brand. The packaging says 108 lbs. The thickness of the rope is 3/8 in. This size of rope was perfect. This enough to stand out on the board but also thin enough to manipulate into the letters. I also used Valspar spray paint in Tropical Foliage.
Start by spray painting your rope until you think you have enough. You can always spray more as you go. Thats what I did! I also spray painted both sides because when you twist it to make the letters the back will show.

While the rope is drying, take 3 old fence slats (i found mine on the side of the road) and cut it to width that you like. Then I used liquid nail and glued on the back piece of wood to hold it all together. After that was dry I screwed on 2 d-rings so that I could hang it on the wall.

 Once your rope is dry and the liquid nail is dry...flip your sign back over and get ready to glue gun!
I DID NOT use a template or anything for the name. I free handed my letters. I played with the rope A LOT to get each letter to look the way I wanted it to. If you aren't so brave you can draw the name or word on there first and then glue the rope onto your writing.
With each letter, I would get it how I wanted it, held it down with my hand and lifted up little parts and glued it down. I then laid something heavy on top of the rope to make sure it stayed in place while the glue dried. Once the glue dried, I moved on to the next letter.
This is how it turned out!
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