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encouragement friday

Remember last friday when I said we as women need to life one another up?
Well I present to you....
Mustache Mama
I actually just started following her on Instagram...started commenting and it was because there might be a meet up for central cali bloggers! She lives a few hours from me but hey all of girls need a day at the beach!
This blogger is a fashionable mommy  sprinkled with sass!
She loves fashion and wanted to go to FIDM... (um hello, me too! But mommyhood came sooner than I thought and thats ok!), anything creative and I love that she is a little edgy.
Can we say COOL mom?
Awesome hair, ( she is a hairstylist too! and I'm in need of a hair makeover like reaaaal bad)
Awesome outfit posts, she loves jewelry just like I do and has an ETSY because she's cool like that.
Oh and another ETSY !
I love that she's herself, honest and dares to be different.
Forget the "mom" jeans cuz she's just plain awesome!
So head on over and take a look at Mustache Mama !!
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