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DIY Christmas Burlap Bubble Wreath with DIY Holly

I'm definitely in the mood for Christmas! I've been blasting Christmas music, putting up decor and lights and lighting my christmas smellin candles.
I know Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet but I'm too excited!
This year I'm continuing with my country glam.
More traditional and a little rustic.
I love how homey (no not my gangsta homedawg) it makes everything feel.
I've been wanting a burlap wreath for a long time, so now with Christmas around the corner I finally took the plunge and made a burlap bubble wreath!
Wreath from the Dollar Store
Pipe Cleaners
Glue Gun & glue sticks
 Red Glitter
Elmers Glue
Paper plate
2 disposable bowls
First I started with a 12" wreath from the Dollar Store and weaved pipe cleaners every few inches then twisted them so they stayed in place.
I then cut a huge long strip about 3-4" wide. Folded the end over to make a loop. Laid it on the pipe cleaner then twisted the pipe cleaner again to hold it.
Keep making loops and twisting the pipe cleaners over the loops as you go. When you run out of burlap just cut more strips and keep going. I did about 3 rows all the way around. As you go just fill in the empty spots until you love what you see!
NOTE: As I went around and around I added more pipe cleaners where they were needed
Then hang it up and recheck everything. Move the loops around filling in gaps ect.
Then grab some fake holly and pull off the red holly clusters and the leaves and separate the leaves from the clusters.
In 2 separate containers put  a little bit of the red glitter in one and the elmers glue in the other.
Dip  the holly clusters into the glue then the red glitter and place them on the paper plate to dry.
Meanwhile, clip all the extra pipe cleaner sticking out everywhere and start hot gluing the holly leaves where you want them.
I then clipped some little glittered styrofoam ball clusters from some fake christmas pointsettas.
When the holly clusters are dry glue them to the inside of the holly leaves then I placed the other styrofoam ball clusters inside of the holly clusters to make them bigger and more noticeable.
(I put this wreath above my fireplace.)

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