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DIY NO SEW Ruffle Burlap & Lace Christmas Tree Skirt

I am super excited to share this tutorial with you...and for me it cost me $0! That means it was free! No cost! If you have these supplies laying around then all it is going to cost is time!

-An old or new cheap felt tree skirt ( you can find them at the Dollar Tree or Target...I already had one but you can use any old one that you have)
-yards & yards of lace and trim
- a white king sheet (you can use whatever color you want for the ruffles)
-yards & yards of burlap (I already had about 8 yards on hand) I'd try 4 yards to be safe
-glue gun and glue stick (lots of glue sticks)
Lay out your tree skirt and your burlap.
Start by cutting strips of burlap. I cut mine about 4 inches wide. You can cut and add as you go. So cut some strips first and remember you will be ruffling it so it is going to take more.
Then lay out your sheet and cut 4 inch strips at that.
I started by placing my first strip of burlap on the bottom edge of the skirt and worked up going clockwise. Glue the edge and fold over a little and glue down as you go creating a ruffle.
If you run out of burlap as you go around then place the side edge a little over the side edge that just ran out and glue together and keep on ruffling and gluing down.
Once the first row is done then slightly overlap the bottom the next row over the top edge of the bottom ruffle where it is glued down with your sheet strip. Do the same thing, ruffling as you go and gluing it down.
Create the pattern of sheet & burlap that you like. I did (starting from the bottom edge) burlap, sheet, sheet, burlap, sheet, burlap, burlap sheet.
Once all of your strips are glued and ruffled in the pattern that you like and the tree skirt is completely covered then it's time to trim!
I started at the bottom again and worked my way up. I glues lace on the burlap so it created a clean finished edge and prevented the burlap from fraying further.
On the sheet I glued down some trim on the edge so it looks like a finished clean edge just like the burlap.
Continue until you get to the very last strip.
With the smallest strip I lined both edges to finish it off.
*SIDE NOTE- I also trimed the side edges on ALL ruffles so nothing would fray.

*I'm still in the process of finishing decorating the tree!
NOTE- This took me hours to make because it is very time consuming. Mine took about 3 days because I worked on it off & on.

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