God is Still God

Good morning or afternoon wherever you're reading from! I'm blogging and I have to be at my daughter's ballet class in 30 minutes! Let's just say it's a busy day for me.

I just wanted to take a second to say that today I will be taking the day off to spend time with my kids. As some of the parents of Sandy Hook student's lay their babies to rest, I will hold mine tight. I can't even imagine how they feel.

So today, let's pray peace and comfort from the One Above and know that no matter what happens here on this earth.... GOD IS STILL GOD. He is still loving and He is still faithful.

We don't always understand why these horrible things happen but God already saw it coming. God will heal hearts and there are many more babys playing with Jesus right now. They are having unimaginable fun seeing things that we can't even dream of.

Today, let's be reminded that this life is too short, show as much love to people as we can and know that God forgives and heals all wounds if we let Him.

My heart will be heavy today and probably for some time but let's still Praise God in this storm.

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