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DIY Anthro Inspired Seafoam Necklace

Let me just say that I LOVE this necklace. I made 5 of these bad boys for a bridal party and super sad that I didn't make one for myself! How cute are the bridesmaids going to look in these seafoamy minty goodness?!....
I must admit though, it was a challenge to find the EXACT seafoam color bead that the bride was looking for with only days to spare before the wedding? No time for ordering!
So how did I do it?
I racked my brain for a while to find the perfect way to change the color of GLASS BEADS.
Here is what you need:
12 chunky glass beads of your choice. I loved the shape of these. They were like big chunky gemstones.
Perfect shape but wrong color!
atleast 12 inches of chain of your choice
lobster clasp
eye pins for jewelry
jump rings in a few different sizes
jewelry making tools. These are all my fave.
and the secret to this project.... Martha Stewarts GESSO PRIMER and MULTI SURFACE ACRYLIC CRAFT PAINT (satin) in "Beach Glass".
Don't forget a small paint brush and some wax paper!
(I used my coupon at Michaels for the primer so it was only a few dollars)
Step 1.Clean beads with alcohol. Lay all of your beads out on wax paper and paint the top half with Martha Stewarts Gesso Primer. Let completely dry.
Step 2. Flip the beads over and prime the other side. .(Make sure the sides of beads are primed also. Let comepletely dry
Step 3. Once all the beads are primed and dry now it's time to start painting with color!
Start with the top side of the bead and paint a thin layer of the seafoam. Let dry completely, then flip over and repeat.
You are going to do a few coats to get a true seafoam color and cover the glass. I think I might have done 4-5 coats on each side. IMPORTANT. Let dry COMPLETELY with each coat on each side or it will get messed up and you won't be happy! You want a super smooth bead with no smudges.
Here is what your beads will look like after they are painted and dry.
The Martha Stewart Muti Surface craft paint bottle says that the paint will cure on glass after 21 days.
Step 4. Now take your eye pins and put them through your beads.
Snip off excess and make another eyelet on the otherside with your tools.
This is what your 12 beads will look like once your have eyelets on both sides.
Step 5. Connect beads 1-5  together by opening one side of the eyelet and then closing it when the other bead is attached.
Step 6. Now look at the chart and connect the sets of numbers together with jump rings.
Step 7. Now put small jump rings on the tops of 1 & 5 and connect about 6-7 inches of chain on each side.
Step 8. Add small jump rings to the ends of the chain and on 1 side add your lobster clasp and you are done!!
 I love this chunky seafoam gemstone looking necklace!

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