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Arabella is 1 month!

1 month ago yesterday baby Arabella arrived into this world. I can't believe a month has already flown by. She has added such happiness to this family!
I am blessed to be her mommy. She is so sweet. Hardly cries and sleeps great at night! Whew dodged an exhausted bullet there!
It makes my heart melt when I see my other 2 kids sweetly rock her when she's fussing in the car seat or run and grab diapers.
It makes me even happier when I hear them pray for her and ask Jesus to bless her.
I will always cherish all these little moments because before I know it she will be as big as her big sister and I will have to say remember when...
I wish I could pause time and keep all my kids little forever, but I know that's not possible. They will  grow up, go off to college, get married and start a family of their own and I will become grandma.
I am not ready for that, let alone my first daughter, Taylee, starting preschool in August! How in the world am I going to manage letting them go to their first day of highschool or their first date? Or letting them drive off into the distance with their license for the first time?
It's all too much for me to think about right now. So, for right now I choose to focus on hugs & kisses, teaching them how to ride their bikes and pick up their toys.
One day their toys aren't going to be there.

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