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Bringing home baby Arabella

My hospital stay was a total of 2 days because I wanted to wait til my hubby got off of work to come take us girls home. I was really excited to go home, take a shower and lay in my own bed without nurses coming in every hour to get vitals, take blood and check out Arabella.

My husband and I started a tradition with our son. Every baby we bring home from the hospital gets a striped going home outfit picked out by daddy and the cloud blanket.. Baby Arabella got to wear Taylee's going home bow also!
My son had to wear his camo pjs and snow boots to the hospital to show his new sister. Since it is the flu season, children under the age of 13 weren't allowed past the hospital lobby so this was the first time they were meeting her.
Daddy and his girls.
The proud guys.
 My family. My whole life.
(the lens on my camera is acting up so I wasn't able to get crisp pictures)
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