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Rit Dyed Aqua Dropcloth Curtains

Monday I had told you about the DIY disaster...well my disaster was ALL about these curtains.

I had dyed fabric one other time. My previous dying experience went great! It was faded black material and I was just trying to freshen up the black. That was so easy and no mistakes....but this time. UGH. I had never changed the color of fabric. Yeah it's super easy but I made one silly mistake that ended up making the job a lot tougher!

This was my first experience dying dropcloth. You see all the dark splotches?
Let me tell you how to avoid those.
When dying dropcloth wash them first.
Run them through a full cycle first so they get completely wet.
I didnt.
I put them in the bathtub and soak them a little bit but that DID NOT get them soaked all the way.
The dark splotches are where dry drop cloth was. The lighter part did get wet all the way.
Dropcloth is thick and takes a while to get completely wet.
So how did I fix it?
4 boxes of this. Still left blotches. I have not tried to re-dye the dropcloths yet.
So, I used  2 more new drop cloths that I had.
If you don't have any you can purchase the exact ones that I used at Lowes
This is the exact dropcloth I used.
6ft by 9ft 8oz. from lowes... $10.
and to get them aqua I used...

Liquid Rit dye in Aquamarine.
I LOVE how they turned out!
So, wash dropcloths first then follow the directions on the Rit Dye bottle exactly and you will have NO splotches!

P.S Still a lot to do in this space...You're probably wondering why I only have 2 chairs at the table... Still searching for the right ones to add! Plus I need to recover the chairs I have!
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