Garden Week : 15 Awesome DIY Outdoor Furniture ideas | VINTAGE ROMANCE STYLE

Garden Week : 15 Awesome DIY Outdoor Furniture ideas

Continuing on with GARDEN WEEK... here are 15 awesome DIY furniture projects that's are pretty simple yet so cute!
Industrious Seating For a DIY bench on the cheap, attach four metal crates together and top them off with a long cushion.


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0s0-Pa said...

All of those places look so comfy! Can't wait to relax in my new outdoor wood furniture that arrived just in time for summer!

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george Stlouismo said...

Do you know about how much weight these can hold? I've never done anything with pallets so I have no idea how strong or weak they are - thanks!

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Joss Delaney said...

When I have free time I enjoy doing DIY projects and your post gave me some great ideas! Just a touch of colorful cushions or nice covers and the look of the whole metal garden furniture
is transformed. Thanks for the post!

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0s0-Pa said...

Very nice looking outdoor wood furniture, which reminds me... time to start putting mine away now that winter is swiftly approaching!

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Lindle Simmon said...

These are indeed some awesome outdoor furniture ideas. I really enjoyed learning about these and looking forward to follow up with some ideas to choose best one for my use. Thanks.

Lucas Pedrosa said...

There are many tables and benches available in the market today. This one is so amazing! I really like these ideas and it's good for the house it will become more accommodating and relaxing.

Vetra O.F said...

Outdoor furniture not only means to set-up some wooden chairs in the garden and admires the beauty of the garden. The perfect outdoor set-up is putting the right furniture at the right place.

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Angela Killpack said...

I love the barrel tables! It's a unique take on a wood table. Would you have to buy the glass separately? And where do you find wooden barrels like that?

emma willson said...

I am impressed with the designs and color. The brown chair and table set really caught my attention, if you are really creative no matter what materials you are going to use. You could create and extra ordinary things that would amaze the people.

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Derrick Sly said...

The best piece of patio furniture you can own: a fire pit. This is, of course, assuming that you can light fires in your backyard, or even have a backyard at all. Still, if you've got a nice patio that you want to decorate with furniture, then you're probably going to be able to have a little campfire every now and then.

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Angela Killpack said...

Derrick, that is a great idea to get a fire pit for the backyard! They didn't use to be so common. Now there are lots of houses with portable firepits and they make summer nights really cozy.

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uing on with GARDEN WEEK...

Lucas Pedrosa said...

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Kristen Dockery said...

I love all this patio furniture. I have been looking for patio furniture for so long, but I can't find anything I like. I love the bench made from crates. It looks pretty and definitely I could do myself.

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Wally West said...

These are great ideas for outdoor furniture, thank you for sharing. My wife and I have been looking around for some outdoor furniture and we have a few options in mind. My wife wants to go with an overall theme and I just want something that is comfy. I do want to install a fire pit in the yard, so I would like the furniture to be located around that fire pit.

Jennifer Davies said...

The table made out of a metal door is especially impressive. It looks good enough that it could be sold in a store. I never would have guessed at its original purpose. I'm in the market for some new furniture for my deck, and this has given me a lot of ideas.

Kristen Dockery said...

I have been looking for patio furniture for a while now, but haven't been able to find any that I absolutely love. After coming across these do it yourself patio furniture pieces I think that is just the way that I am going to have to go. I really love the pallet furniture and the style that it adds to any space. I have made a couple things out of pallets before and it was pretty simple so I am excited to try this furniture.

Ronald Swanson said...

I love the cinder block couch that you have, it looks extremely easy to make, but would make a huge difference in my yard. My wife and I have a ton of cinder blocks left over from a previous project, so this would be a perfect project for us to do. The only thing I would do differently, would be to add some sort of cushion on the top, to make it a little bit more comfortable.
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Dave Thompson said...

Love these different styles of patio furniture. That bench would look great in my new backyard. How long does it normally take to finish one of the benches from start to finish?

Edzard said...

uing on with GARDEN WEEK...

Bilal Ahmad said...

Wonderful concepts, i'm Loving it!

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uing on with GARDEN WEEK...

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uing on with GARDEN WEEK...

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Daniela Adams said...

These are amazing DIY projects, I feel inspired! :) I love the barrel side table the most, I would love to have something like that on my porch. I am refreshing my porch now and backyard, I'm going to use some of these ideas!

General Manager said...

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Liz Armeson said...

Oh my goodness, I love those seats! I have a pile of cinder blocks that were brought home from some work site or another and I have nothing to do with them. Or should I say, I HAD nothing to do with them. I will definitely need to try some of those ideas, they are absolutely beautiful!

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Petunia Evans said...

I loved all of these ideas! My front porch has been looking a bit barren lately and these have definitely been inspiring. I especially loved the wooden couches, they look so cozy! I was wondering if you had any tips for decorating on a small budget? Thanks!

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