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How to turn your closet into a boutique

1. Add an amazing glam light fixture. You can find one at a thrift store and spray paint and add crystals for really cheap! Check out my HOT PINK chandelier makeover  HERE & my AQUA chandelier makeover HERE.
2. Designate a place just for jewelry and organize it!

This is a super funky way to organize necklaces.

3. Beautifully organize your clothes. You can get new matching hangers or simply use the old. You can organize by color or by sleeve length. I personally organize by sleeve length.


4. Organize your purses. Either on a shelf or hang them. Shelves are great and it's even better if you place dividers in between your purses.
I used a shelf for mine.
 5. Wallpaper & paint or Stencil!
6. Shelves for shoes.
 7. Add a mirror. This closet is via Honey&Fitz. Amazing!
8. Plush rug! 
 9. Seating
10. Organize hats & scarves

11. Keep everything organized!


(photos unknown from google)

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