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DIY Crystal Orb Chandelier Tutorial

I knew there had to be a way to DIY on a budget!

So I started researching and slept on it for a few nights to figure out the easy as pie way to do it.

Let me tell you, it was pretty simple and once you figure it out, it only took me about an hour!

I've seen other complex tutorials but this one is not!

Here is what you need:
1. A flea market or thrift store chandelier. Mine is a vintage find from a flea market a few years ago.

2. High Tensile fencing wire around $20. I actually got mine from Lowes by the fencing section outdoors. 

3. Big pliers to cut the very thick wire.
I used Kobalt 9 inch Linesman Pliers from Lowes. They are HIGH leverage pliers. $13

4. Spray paint that matches your chandelier.
I used Valspar metallic gold from Lowes. $5

Here's how I did it...

1. I stood on a chair and took the wire and put a circle of it around top to bottom to see how big you want your circle. Clip the wire 2 inches longer than what you need and safely get off the chair.
You will have what looks like this wire circle.

This first circle will be your template for all the others.
I HAVE 8 ARMS ON MY CHANDELIER SO I CUT 4 CIRCLE FOR THE BASE OF THE BALL. Then I cut 3 more to make it more orb like.

So for an 8 armed chandelier use 7 wire circles.

Hold the end of the wire and bend it down. Do this to both sides of the circle. 
Once the first circle is made, make 6 more circles using the 1st one as a template.

Once your circles are done take them outside to spray paint.
Spray paint one side and let it dry then flip them over and spray paint the other side. Let the 2nd side dry and then you are ready to put them on your chandelier!

You will put the first 4 on to make the foundation. Pick one arm of the chandelier and make the circle line up with the direct opposite arm until all 8 arms are taken up by 4 wire circles. Hook each of the 4 circles to the top.
*1-4 wire will be vertical circles. I was so excited I forgot to snap a picture of the first 4.

5-7 will be hooked on eachother.

#5 is horizontal and 6&7 cris cross eachother.

The reason why these hold on is because it is a tight squeeze and they hook onto eachother holding everything tight.

Once you have all 7 on your can tweak the spacing and make sure everything is holding nice and tight and you are done!

I actually had everything on hand so this was free for me!

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