How to make an industrial rustic frame & typography sign for $15

TYPOGRAPHY SIGN FROM MICHAEL'S in the poster section. I used a few coupons and paid $4 for it. 
4 - 1x4x6 from Lowe's.
I found these flat L brackets at Walmart.
Measure the width of your sign/poster ( which ever one you choose) and cut on a 45 degree angle.
Cut the length of the frame on a 45 degree  so they will match up.
I then used Miniwax wood finish stain in Ebony 2718
I painted about 2 coats on all of the wood and let it dry and soak in completely before moving on.
Screw on the flat L brackets on each of the corners to keep the frame together.

Then use a staple gun and staple the poster/sign to the back on the frame. This way you can change the poster anytime you want!
I didn't get a photo but I used a picture hanging kit and used 2 eye screws and some wire so I could hang it.
 Time to hang!

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