9X12 Simple Metallic Gold Chunky Glittered Heart Valentine's Day Wood Sign

Red Craft paint
Red chunky glitter
Metallic Gold spray paint
White spray paint
Carstock & scissors
(optional) Silhouette machine
Small paint brush
Wood slats
 6 Wood screws
 2 D-rings
Circular saw for cuttinh wood.
Measuring tape.
Painters tape
  First build your 9x12 wood sign. I cut my new wood slats with a circular saw.

There are 3 horizontal slats and 2 back vertical slats. Use wood screws and put screw it all together. Then screw on your D-Rings on each back piece for hanging....

Spray paint it all white. Let completely dry.

Then place your tape where you want the white stripes. Make sure to press down so the paint doesnt seep.

Spray paint metallic gold. Let completely dry.

Cut out a hear with card stock, then trace. You can also use your silhouette machine to cut out a perfect heart.

Paint it the heart red. The paint needs to be thick enough for the glitter to stick to. When your heart is thick red, sprinkle your chunky glitter and let dry.

Blow off the glitter and you are done!

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