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New Year New Room // Master Bedroom

Happy Tuesday! The New Year means new things in our lives including  refreshing some things in our homes. With that said,  I am so excited to get my master bedroom room refresh under way. I've teamed up with some other fabulous bloggers and 4 sponsors for this challenge. We are refreshing one space in our home and sharing the progress with you for the next three weeks! How fun is that? Be sure to check out the other ladies ideas too at the end of this post.

Now, let's take a look at my plans. I already have a beachy farmhouse vibe going on in my room. I didn't necessarily choose that, it just happened as I put things together when we first moved into our brand new home in September. For now, I'm really loving it. It feels calm and relaxing. There is something calming about aqua and it makes me so happy. For this room, I'm going with 90% neutrals with a splash of  color and texture.

Now, while I won't get everything done that I dream of doing in my room during the three weeks. This is a definite start! I am adding to what I currently have going on because that is budget friendly right now. I am blessed enough to team up with the sponsors for some extra goodies for my bedroom! I can't wait to show you what I picked out!

My in the near future plans is to add some shiplap behind my bed and some other details that I hope to get to soon. I just need to bust out the tools and get to work. I love when things come together over time instead of rushed. Especially when I am able to collect pieces and build things just the way that I like. It's always a never ending work in progress and that's OK! That's what I love about DIY.

Next week I will be sharing how to make a fur bench for the foot of your bed, just like mine!

Thank you to our fabulous sponsors.

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