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Knock It Off DIY: Dollar Tree Kate Spade Pearl Place Rosebowl

We all  love designer things. From handbags, sunglasses, clothing to makeup. Our love for all things fancy even goes as far as our home decor. We all want  nice things but definitely don't want to shell out all of our pretty pennies. I'm right there with you! That's why I'm here today to show you how I was inspired by Kate Spade's  $75 Rosebowl vase for $3-4. 

Every third Tuesday of the month I'm joining 9 other bloggers to bring you the  Knock Off DIY challenge. Each month we will choose one designer or company to knock off! You can check out all of the other's Kate Spade knock offs at the end of this post! So much inspiration, gorgeousness and money saving!


Place the chapstick lid inside the bowl vase and hold it while you trace it with your paint pen. Then fill in the circle with the paint pen.

Space your next circle about 2 inches apart.

Here is the first row.

 ROW 2:Now make  your circles about and inch down and in between each top dots. Go all the way around.

ROW 3: Move down an inch and make your dots in between the second row just like row 1.

ROW 4: Do the same as all the other rows. Let dry for a few minutes and then go over the dots by hand to add a second coat on the circles. You won't need the lid for the second coat. Just free hand it. Let dry again and you are done!

This project was FREE for me since I had everything on hand already from  other projects and parties. The vase was $1 at the Dollar Tree and the paint pen was about $1-3 at the craft store.

This project took me about 5 minutes and it was so cute!
Their's way

 *These affiliate links helps VRS create more tutorials for you!* If you haven't seen how cute Kate Spade's designs are, check out the links below! I've also included similar supplies so that you can make your own for way less than the original if you can't find exactly what I used.

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