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Dresser to Media Stand Makeover

It's time for another round of #ItsSoUglyItsCool hosted by Domicile 37. The last Tuesday of every month  a few of us bloggers get together and share our latest finds and how we can incorporate the overlooked not so cute items in our homes. I love taking unloved pieces, giving them a makeover and transforming them in a way that fits my style. It's a great way to get the look that you want for a lot less! 

I found this dresser and it was a match made in heaven for me. I had been looking everywhere for a piece that was french provincial looking  for my new home and this hit the nail on the head. One of my best scores yet! I'm going to show you how I easily transformed this nasty beast into a lady.

When I found this dresser last year, it had a ton of gooey spots on the top. It was dirty and nasty and needed a really good cleaning before I could even sand it. It was almost like a thick tar in many places.

I took out my trusted Krud Kutter, sprayed it on, waited a little bit and then went to town scraping it off with a putty knife. This stuff was life changing for me. It gets dried paint off of floors too! Even concrete and slate tile! Magical I tell you!

After I got all of the goo off which took me a few hours, it was time to sand. I sanded the top, sides and any place that I could fit the mouse sander on without messing with the details.

After all the sanding was finished, I wiped it down with a cloth and started spraying the drawers with primer first, then I moved onto the entire dresser. It took a few cans of primer. At least 3 I believe. After that was done drying, I painted it with about 4 cans of Churchill Vanilla by Valspar. It is a very creamy off white. Think vanilla and not whipped cream white. The picture doesn't really show how vanilla it is.

*This photo is with primer...

Now I just need to take some pictures on my camera, add them to this post and order some knobs from D.Lawless Hardware to fill in the empty hardware holes.

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