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Modern Glam Bedroom // New Year, New Room Refresh

I love that January is a completely fresh start. The slate is wiped clean and the possibilities and goals are endless. Something about the New Year inspires us to give things a try and go after some goals that we may not ever try  during the rest of the year. Nobody really ever starts anything new in the summer! It also seems as if I get an itch to redecorate some spaces in my home in January. As soon as I start putting away my Christmas décor, I automatically start Spring cleaning. I start making piles for donations and get rid of major clutter. I also start working on the spaces that have piled up with stuff over the past year. So, this January, I've teamed up with some other awesome bloggers for the New Year, New Room Refresh challenge hosted by! We're bringing you décor inspiration and our room refresh updates every Monday in January so follow along!

This year I decided to refresh my master bedroom. It completely falls victim to me throwing stuff in there to get it out of the way. Worn out comfy comforter, mismatched pillows and bedside clutter. I do love my comfy bed but it's time for something NEW! I want something a little glam and out of my comfort zone. Pretty neutral with a POP of color. I have no idea why but all of a sudden I am loving chrome and navy! So my room with be all about gray, silver, navy and some gold. There is even little hints of lilac too.

In March I'll be turning 3-0 so it's time that I upgrade my bedroom to feel more grown up if I can and make it feel pretty. Next week, I'll be sharing some progress because I've been working hard to find the right things to fit my needs and space. Most the time needs come first, so you'll have to see what I'm putting together! See you next week.

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