Vintage Romance Style was launched in 2009 by small town girl Teryn Yancey in the heart of California. As a little girl she always dreamed of creating and starting her own business. In the 5th grade at her small town christian elementary school she started her first business which started her entrepreneurial passion. She did hair wraps during recess and charged by the inch of hair. Each customer & client could choose any colors of choice. For a 5th grader she was making a good profit. This tiny playground business called "Wrap it, Wrap it good," sparked the fire within her tiny heart. Ever since then she has been creating anything and everything her heart desires.

Vintage Romance Style is a DIY+ women's lifestyle blog where health and happiness collide. On this blog you'll find DIY projects ranging from home decor to simple crafts, recipes, fitness, beauty and a look into Teryn's California Fire Wife & mommy life.

"You're home doesn't have to be expensive to make you happy"

What I believe

I believe that every person is beautiful. We were each created differently. No one is like us. Each flaw, each freckle, the way our mouth curves when we smile and how our eyes sparkle when we are happy are all ways that we are unique.

God knew what He was doing when He formed you. He chose every single detail of YOU. He picked your eye color, skin color, how many hairs were going to be on your head and how tall he wanted you to be.

Be your own kind of beautiful!

Vintage Romance Style is created for the light hearted, sassy girl with a little bit of an edge. A girl who loves to love people, wants to better the world and chases her wildest dreams. She isn't afraid to show compassion to strangers and is sentimental. Whether she's helping feed the homeless or at a rock concert, she's happy.

No dream is too big. If you can dream it, you can do it!

"Let's celebrate every moment of life whether it be failing or winning. Life isn't perfect but we can still be happy if we choose to be." - Teryn Yancey

Feel free to contact me at anytime via e-mail: VintageRomancestyle@hotmail.com or through any of my social media platforms found on the main page of this blog! I try my best to get back to each comment and e-mail!


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